3 SEO Solutions to Add Traffic to Your Life Insurance Site

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The life insurance industry is a good one to be in. Almost every working adult in the United States could use a policy. It’s estimated that 9 out of 10 people believe that life insurance is important to have, and 34% of Americans are likely to purchase a policy in the next year.

The need for senior coverage, term-life policies, and no medical exam policies is high, but despite this, you’re struggling to find clients. Top life insurance companies use SEO solutions to find new customers, and with the right tactics, your website could generate new business for you.

Why Top Life Insurance Companies Use SEO

SEO has made it easy for businesses of all types to reach out to millions of potential customers online. With the right SEM strategy, you could find the clients you’ve been looking for.

Curious about the best way to utilize SEO solutions on your life insurance website? After you read this post, you’ll be an expert in basic SEM.

Research the Competition

Want to know which keywords you should target in your SEO campaign while you have the added benefit of learning about the competition? If you get creative with your Google skills, you can learn a lot about how top life insurance companies in your area present themselves online.

Think about the keyword you’re trying to target and do a quick search for it. How many of your competitors do you see pop up? If you’re seeing your competitors use it, you’re on the right track.

Also take some time to look around their websites and even their social media profiles to not just see how the market themselves, but if they’re also missing something. Do they have meta-descriptions? Are they using pop-up contact us forms to grab leads fast?

Put Keywords in the Right Places

You know what keywords you need to target, but simply putting them in your website content isn’t enough. If you really want to utilize SEO keywords should be incorporated into other areas of the website. Using the right keywords can boost your

Adding a keyword to title text and tags is an absolute must. You should also consider adding keywords to alt-tags for an extra SEO boost.

Even though adding keywords where you can on the site is important, keep in mind that putting them everywhere can do more harm than good. Only use relevant keywords in places where they make sense.

Be Sure To Interlink

If you’re doing SEO, you want to get as many eyes on your web pages as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to interlink content on your website.

Interlinking is simple. Scan your text for relevant keywords you can link pages to. If you mention your term-life insurance policies on your permanent policy page, link to it! This helps people find relevant content and can help boost your page authority.

Your Experiences

What SEO solutions have you used to improve your life insurance website? Do you have a favorite tip we left out? Tell us about it in the comments!