What Exactly is Off Page SEO?

off page seo

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an essential part of getting visitors to your website or blog.

You want to make sure that Google considers your site relevant to your target market. SEO helps you do that, both on and off your website.

When most business owners think about optimizing for Google, they think about having the right keywords and have appropriate title tags. That is considered on page SEO.

So what is off page SEO?

Off Page SEO Involves Your Reputation

Imagine having an incredible sculpted garden behind your house. You put a lot of work in on it, and you want to show it off. Unfortunately, no one wants to visit, and you can’t figure out why.

Eventually, you discover that everyone outside your neighborhood believes your backyard is a garbage dump and no one can confirm otherwise. Because your reputation is poor outside your area, you have no visitors.

The same thing happens with your website. If you don’t build your off-site reputation through building relationships, getting external links to your site, and post content around the web, no one will see the hard work you’ve done!

It’s More Than Link Building

Don’t make the mistake of thinking only in terms of getting links to your site. While that is one part of off page SEO, it’s not the only thing by far.

Some other aspects of your off-site reputation that are important include:

  • Reviews
  • Discussion of your site on social media
  • Guest posting
  • Positive press
  • Relationship with influencers

It’s important to see the whole picture of your off-page presence. This includes both incoming links and other elements. When you have a broad view, your SEO will be much more effective.

Produce a High-Quality Product

Of course, SEO doesn’t do a lot for your brand if your website and products are not top-notch. There isn’t any amount of search engine optimization that can attract customers to a shoddy site or get them to buy poor services.

In the garden example, you must not only build your reputation and make your home relevant to visitors, but you also have to have a genuinely great backyard! You should offer great content and engaging information that makes people want to stick around.

When you have a truly great product, your SEO job is much simpler. The reputation of an excellent business or website is naturally boosted by positive word of mouth and enthusiasm from others.

Be sure that your company provides:

  • Informative, engaging content
  • Excellent products and services
  • Fantastic customer service after a purchase

If you provide these things, you won’t have to do all the hard work of off-site SEO. Much of it will happen as a result of your happy customers and brand advocates!

Google Rewards High-Quality Relevant Sites

Google’s mission is to provide searchers with the most relevant, high-quality results possible. When Google is able to do this, it will continue to dominate the search industry.

To do well on Google, you need both on site and off page SEO. Beyond SEO, you need to make sure that you provide top-quality content, products, and customer service. When you do, you’ll build traffic and improve your business.