3 Elements of a Stunning Salon Website

salon website

In the beauty industry, aesthetics are everything.

If you own a nail salon and do amazing work but your salon website looks sloppy, why would someone choose to go to your salon? A subpar website suggests subpar service.

Stop turning customers away with poor website design choices. Here are three elements that make a salon website.

Attention to Design

It might seem obvious, but not all salon websites take the time to make their content visually appealing.

You wouldn’t have a sloppy, messy, disorganized, or stressful interior design of your salon. So, why would you have a messy website?

Think of your website as another brick-and-mortar location. You’re sharing the mood, vibe, and feeling of your salon with the physical layout and design of your website.

Think of the unique personality of your salon. Then, design your website to match that. Have consistent and complimentary colors. Choose high-resolution photos that are appealing and simple like those on NailEverything.com.

Your website is like the outfit you wear to an interview. You wouldn’t wear mismatching or inappropriate clothing to a job interview. So make your website clean, clear, and put together.

An Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing basically means you’re engaging in marketing strategies that will bring in potential customers by creating content.

Today’s market expects high-quality content from every business website.

Creating high-quality content will earn the trust of potential customers so they feel comfortable giving you their business. It will also drive new people organically through search engines and social media to your website.

Having a blog and a strong social media presence will go a long way to driving up your traffic, It will also help with increasing your engagement and profits. In the beauty industry, Instagram is king. People will expect to see beautiful photos of your work.

When you build your website make sure that it is easy to add content to it. Having a content hub, or a place on your website that will engage visitors with lots of different content, is a great way to increase your click-through-rates.

SEO Optimization For Your Salon Website

SEO optimization will help your content rank well on search engines. Doing this will help to increase your visibility.

Having well-designed menus that are simple and easy to navigate will ensure that multiple search engines understand your website and business.

Everyday digital “spiders” crawl through your website and “read” your content. They are searching for keywords that will indicate the type of information on the page. Keep in mind that in today’s world, search engines also crawl through your social media accounts!

Having a rich concentration of appropriately placed keywords can be wonders to increase your rankings on search engines.

Create The Perfect Website For Your Salon

Making your salon website as physically appealing as possible will reassure potential customers that you’re a professional who can take care of their customers.

It’s not hard to begin implementing SEO and inbound marketing strategies, it just takes some work. Engaging with your customers online will start turning potential clients into repeat customers into brand advocates.