Cheap Web Design: Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes On Your Health Products Site

cheap web design

There is no better time to be a small business owner or an entrepreneur in the health products marketplace.

Consumers are hungry for healthy foods and wellness products. These days, they are willing to shell out big bucks to stay healthy.

When you take into account healthcare, personal care, beauty and food products, the top eCommerce performers are all connected to health products on the Internet.

Business owners have found there is tremendous upside to focusing on health products. Plus, they don’t have to pay heavy overhead costs.

But one huge mistake a health product entrepreneur can make is cheap web design. With all the upside to digital marketing, cheap design is one way to undermine your business entirely.

In this post, we’ll tell you why.

1. Cheap Web Design Doesn’t Cost Less (It Costs More)

With all the potential for sales and revenue growth, you may wonder why anyone would skimp on web design in the first place.

Focusing on eCommerce in the health products market means there is already much money to be saved on a traditional storefront, so why risk it?

The answer is simple: These business owners think they can save money.

But Business Ownership 101 needs to include the term ROI, or return on investment. If you spend a dollar but get nothing back in return it has cost you money.

But the best web designs will help your business make money. It costs you more in the long run to try DIY or cheap web design solutions.

2. You Won’t Reach Your Goals

Web design isn’t as simple as putting up an eCommerce store and saying something like “buy the products here.

Sure, there is a great upside to owning your own Internet business. However, the competition is too fierce to be nonchalant in your approach.

Great web design means tying your approach to your specific goals. Which target audience do you want to appeal to? What are your weekly, monthly, and quarterly benchmarks for performance?

Without knowing your goals and linking them to design you are simply leaving the performance of your business to chance.

3. You Will Diminish Your Brand

It doesn’t matter if you are a sales representative for a larger corporation, or offer a variety of products in your stores. Building a successful business means building a brand.

Cheap web design often includes using 3rd party sites or bland templates to try to put together a presentation for your products. What you are really doing is selling the web services. You’re not selling your company.

With all the time you spend on building yourself and your brand in social media and Internet content, you can’t chance it with poor design. Plus, it looks bad for you and your products.

4. Poor Integration

The best designs don’t just integrate your goals and products into a solid strategy. They also integrate the best tools and platforms with one goal in mind:

Building your business and increasing your sales.

Web design is an investment that will integrate your efforts in social media, reviews, sales, and content creation– including video.

Don’t leave your strategy scattered. The best design makes it easy for customers to buy and enjoy their experience.

Make sure you have a great web design and your customers will reward you.