A Complete Guide to Improved B2B Lead Generation

b2b lead generation

Some people might think that B2B lead generation is easy — all you do is send out some emails and mobile links, right?

Well, not quite.

In fact, over 60% of businesses in 2015 said that lead generation was a huge area of concern, with many businesses increasing their lead budgets as well. Clearly, this is an important part of B2B marketing, but many businesses just don’t understand how to do it effectively.

As rough as this is, though, generating leads doesn’t have to be tough. With a number of tools at the B2B marketer’s disposal, gaining leads can actually be pretty easy. You just have to know what platforms are working in the modern age.

That’s why this guide exists: to help you, as a B2B business, improve the generation of leads and catapult your business to the next level.

Ready? Let’s get into the complete guide to improved B2B lead generation.

Use Mobile Platforms Like Facebook

More than ever before, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are becoming marketplaces. How exactly does this work for B2B lead generation, though?

There are a few ways to use Facebook to your advantage. The first is by using lead ads, which get businesses to fill in forms for more information by using their existing Facebook credentials. This makes forms a piece of cake.

The other way to use Facebook as a lead generating machine is ad auctions. Because B2B places a high value on new customers, they can afford to bid high for premium ad space.

Send Out Personalized Messages

There are two aspects to this version of B2B lead generation.

First, there’s the standard technique of email campaigns. While people might not think these are effective, they can be if the messages are personalized.

One method to do this is to create “customer profiles,” where you group customers together based on values and business types. Whatever the method, using personalization techniques in emails makes customers more likely to open them.

The second is through LinkedIn. Connecting with prospects here allows you to personalize messages and create a more intimate dialogue to generate leads.

Create a Great Website

Getting leads to your products is great, but once they’re on your website, then what?

If your website is poorly optimized, tough to use, or headache-worthy on mobile, other businesses are unlikely to continue with your product. This makes creating a beautiful, smooth-running website a priority. Make sure you’re testing your website’s pages and mobile look.

Target the Right Keywords

Doing some SEO research can help drive B2B lead generation as well.

One way to do this is to target long-form keywords. As opposed to a keyword like “drafting software,” target something that a business is more likely to search for, like “affordable drafting software for small businesses.” When in doubt, there tools to help you do this.

B2B Lead Generation

Using mobile, creating personalized outreach, maintaining a great website, and targeting specific keywords are all solid B2B lead generation tactics.

Worried about your website practices? Start improving here.