The Secret to a Home Inspection Website That Will Boost Business

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In today’s world, consumers are immediately heading online to find out where their business should go. They are trained to consult search engines like Google first before they make any decision.

This has changed the game for businesses. If you don’t already have a home inspection website, you’re already behind.

However, one old adage has remained true even in this digital age and it brings us to our topic today: online reviews.

Why reviews matter

Consumers have always valued the recommendation of peers and other consumers over that of an advertiser or business. There is an implicit lack of trust that develops for something once it is discovered that it is trying to sell you something.

The opinion of someone who is undergoing the same experience as you and values what you do will always be held in higher regard than that of the business itself.

These recommendations are the key to building awareness and trust in potential costumers.

How to use reviews

The first step is to create a free Google My Business page. This will boost the Google rankings for you home inspection website.

It will also have your business appear with a brief overview and picture on the Google Maps page.

This helps costumers visualize where your business is in relation to them and helps you identify yourself as a local company.

Here’s where the online reviews come in. The more reviews you get on your Google My Business page, the more boost you will get in the rankings.

But even more important than that, you will convey to the customer a feeling of trust toward your business before they even click on your home inspection website.

These reviews are essentially free advertising. And it’s the kind of advertising that no amount of money would be able to buy.

Now it’s important to remember that reviews can go both ways. If you have a lot of bad reviews it can do just as much damage as good.

Pay attention to the bad reviews you get and do everything in your power to rectify the issues they point out. Then convey that course correction to the dissatisfied customer.

How to generate reviews

The simplest way to generate online reviews is to send a link to the review page to customers you have recently worked with.

Immediacy is important here because you want the customers to express their satisfaction with your service as soon as it happens.

Another easy way to procure online reviews is to tie them with your point of sale. Give them an incentive to leave a review.

For example, on the receipt include an offer of a 10 percent mark off pre-purchase building inspections if they show that they left a review. Motivate your customers with their wallets and they’ll follow you anywhere.

Be sure to leverage your social media as well. If you have a Twitter account (and you should) make sure the customer is aware of it as well as a hashtag they can use to leave comments.

For more tips on how to optimize your home inspection website to attract the customers you want, visit SiteReportCard today.