Tips for Making Your Law Firm Website One of the Best

best law firm websites

Nothing drives potential clients away like a bad website.

Creating a website is an important step for any firm looking to get their feet off the ground.

The average person doesn’t waste their time with sub par websites. In fact, a majority of people spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on a web page.

Given that short attention span, it can be increasingly difficult for lawyers to distinguish themselves.

As an injury or disability lawyer, your website design helps develop relationships with clients. Check out tips for creating the best law firm websites. Read on to learn more.


No one jumps right into being a lawyer. It takes practice, patience, and planning.

The same rules apply for web design. Before jumping into a new website project, it’s important to discuss design goals.

The best law firm websites are meticulously crafted with a strong brand message and bold visuals. The homepage should include both of these features while also purveying a clean and polished look.

Your law firm should have a clear idea as to their central theme and message. Becoming familiar with basic website optimization terms can also be beneficial.

Never jump into a project without proper planning. First, discuss and evaluate a vision for your web page.


Modern websites have to adapt to the times in order to survive. Case in point – mobile.

Mobile has quickly risen to become the go-to platform for digital searches. Over 60 percent of digital media time spent in the U.S. comes from smartphones and tablets.

Mobile traffic is a huge slice of the digital pie. Missing out on that traffic could prove detrimental to your law firm.

The best law firm websites use mobile-responsive platforms that allow users to easily navigate their site.

WordPress is one of the most accessible and user-friendly platforms for web creation. It also includes mobile responsive technology that helps enable mobile searches.

In a rapidly changing world, mobile interface is key. The best websites are fully integrated with mobile platforms.


There’s no worse fate for a website than being on the second page of Google’s search results.

The web is a crowded space. It’s important for law firms to be top of mind when potential clients are searching.

Let’s say someone searches for a workers compensation lawyer in Seattle on Google. The results show thousands of different law firms competing for website views.

One way to overcome the competition is to have a website with Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a practice that helps websites rank higher on Google and other search engines. Search engines like to display websites that they know have reliable information.

On-site optimization is one way to make a website look reliable to search engines. It’s the practice of including keywords and content on a website.

Off-site optimization refers to backlinks and social media connections to a website. This helps a website show that it is being visited and discussed.

An SEO audit is a great launching point for taking a website to the next level.

Best Law Firm Websites

A quality website can lead to quality clients.

The best websites include a mix of good design, planning, mobile compatibility, and SEO.

Don’t miss out on potential business with a shoddy website. These tips will get any law firm on the right track to a great website.