Your Social Media Campaign: The Health Services Edition

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Social media provides entertainment, education, and a way to stay connected. But social media is more than just fun. It can also help you create a great social media campaign for a health services website.

How do you create a winning social media campaign for a health services website? We’re here to help. We’ve created this essential guide to having the most successful campaign, in just 4 easy steps.

4 Steps to a Great Social Media Campaign

1. Get a team together

A social media campaign doesn’t have to be a solo project – in fact, it shouldn’t be.

The best campaigns have carefully chosen teams that bring the right skills to the table. People who spend a lot of time on social media in their personal lives may not be the best choice. You need someone who knows how to use it for professional goals.

Different people will have different social media skills, so make sure the team you choose reflects that. Maybe one person is great at taking and editing photos, while another is great at writing and editing social media copy.

Others might be good at using software like Hootsuite to sync your social media accounts, or available to respond to customer questions at odd hours. A creative team with diverse skills will be able to handle it all!

2. Make a plan

Without a strategic social media plan, you won’t have a successful campaign. It’s not enough to post regularly and hope for the best. You will need to map it out ahead of time.

Keep in mind anything coming up at your health services business. Maybe you’re launching a new product or service soon. You’ll want to plan to promote it on social media ahead of time, building a sense of excitement.

Then, when it launches, you can post pictures and positive customer reviews to keep the excitement going.

This is just one example of where planning helps. A social media plan that takes into account short, medium, and long-term goals is always crucial to your campaign.

3. Find the best social platforms

It can be best to focus on a few major social media platforms that work for your brand. With so many social media sites out there, it is easy to get spread too thin across too many.

Pick both a primary and a secondary network to get started with. For a biological health services business, for example, Instagram might be a good primary network as it is highly visual, and people want to see evidence of health in action.

Think about where your clientele spends their time online, and plan accordingly. If you realize your target audience doesn’t spend much time on Snapchat, then you’ll know not to waste valuable resources on an elaborate Snapchat campaign.

4. Keep a consistent voice

Across all platforms, customers need to feel like they are hearing from the same, authentic company. Find the perfect voice to reach them.

Maybe it’s a casual, honest, down-to-earth tone. Or maybe you’d rather come from a place of knowledgeability, as though you are an online mentor for your customers.

The right voice for a social media campaign depends on the type of health services business you have. With careful attention to what your target audience is looking for, you’ll be able to find your voice.


With this knowledge, you can easily create your own great social media campaign. For any health services business, put these tips into practice and watch the clientele roll in.