5 SEO Tips to Get Your Travel Company Noticed Online

travel company noticed online

For people running a tourism company, search engine optimization should be essential to their strategy.

SEO is the best way to get clicks today. And for a tourism company, clicks are absolutely vital. Because people know why to visit London, Paris, and Tokyo, they’re likely to choose a company based on how quickly they see it.

But if SEO is effective, it’s also competitive. That’s because SEO is being used by all serious businesses today. The online presence of a company starts with how quickly they come up in searches, so people will fight tooth-and-nail to become the top search result.

Here are some SEO tips to win that fight and get noticed.

Every Tourism Company Site Needs an SEO Audit

Before learning how to improve, business owners need to consider how their site is already doing.

An SEO audit can get companies on track by allowing them to consider how they rank for a specific keyword. A company offering tours of Rome, for instance, should audit their site for keywords like “skip the line Colosseum tour” to improve their search performance.

Check Keyword Rankings On The Site

Using a keyword ranking tool is one way to improve a site’s SEO performance. A ranking tool can help a tourism company by listing the top 100 keywords it ranks for.

Having this list of keywords will help business owners find things that should be ranked higher as opposed to keywords that will not produce a high conversion rate.

Do Keyword Research

The information obtained while checking keyword rankings is useful. But it needs context to let tourism company owners make it as important as can be.

Keyword research makes it possible for business owners to determine what words to work into their posts. This context can help companies create long-term plans to increase traffic.

Have a Well Written URL

If a URL is a combination of random letters and numbers, it will not rank well on Google or other search engines.

URLs should contain the keywords companies are trying to rank for. Sadly, business owners and webmasters often spend hours improving their in-text SEO only to blow it when it comes to their URL.

Remember that your URL plays an important role in the SEO performance of your website.

Create Engaging Content

Following the advice above will let a tourism company greatly improve its on-page SEO. But off-page SEO can be just as important, and the only way to improve that is the slow process of developing a good reputation.

Good off-page SEO comes to well-reviewed companies who create a good product and compelling content.

Some ways to improve off-page SEO are: getting good reviews from customers, providing excellent service every step of the way, and creating engaging content that makes readers want to stay on a website they’ve visited.

It can be a long and difficult process: a business trying to develop a reputation for itself can take years. But it will also be deeply rewarding.