7 Features of Google Email Accounts

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Curious about Gmail and what makes it different? While all email services may seem the same, each has unique features that set it apart.

Thinking of signing up for a Gmail account? You’re not alone. As of May 2015, Gmail had 900 million users!

Research is key before making decisions to sign up for any service, and email is no exception.

Read below to check out 7 features of Gmail.

1. Security

If you use email, your security is constantly at risk.

Gmail layers protection to ensure the safety of users. Here’s how:

  • 2-Step Verification: when you sign into Gmail using your password, a one-time-use code is sent to your phone. Even if your password is compromised, the thief will not be able to access your account without this special code. Learn more about your gmail.com login page here.
  • Security Checkup: this is a way for you to review your security features and protect your Gmail account at any time. When you run a security checkup, you will be prompted to edit your recovery information (backup email, backup phone number, security question), verify the devices you use your Gmail on, and review which apps have access to your information.

2. Storage

Gmail stores your stuff with Drive.

Drive is a way to save your photos, files, attachments, etc.- and it’s free! You can access up to 15GB of free storage through your Gmail account.

Want more? You can always purchase a larger plan.

3. Use Your Gmail Account on Any Device

There’s no reason to limit email to just your computer.

You can access Gmail on your phone, tablet, laptop, or even smart watch! All that’s needed is the Gmail app.

4. Personalize with Themes

Feeling sassy? Corporate? Daydreaming about that trip to Cancun last fall?

Show it with your Gmail background theme. You can choose a theme from Gmail’s own stock… or use your own image for a personal touch!

5. Easy Organization

Themes aren’t the only thing customizable with Gmail.

You can customize labels within your account to make finding certain types of emails easier, in a way that makes sense to you. For example, you could create labels for “family,” “apartment stuff,” and “work,” to help with organization.

You can also create filters, to control the flow of messages in your inbox and keep out spam.

6. Gmail at Work

Gmail isn’t just for emailing your friends and your Aunt Pam.

Businesses can use Gmail and customize their addresses to end in their company’s name.

Also, you can access multiple accounts at once, allowing users to switch between their personal accounts and work accounts seamlessly.

7. Hangouts

Speaking of switching between business and personal accounts…

Google Hangouts is a unique way to video chat or quickly chat through messages when an email isn’t necessary. You can hangout with up to 10 people at once!

More features include sharing attachments while on a video chat, and also some fun and silly overlays. Because who doesn’t want to look like a pirate during their video call?

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