5 Tips to Help You With Your Lawyer Website Design

lawyer website design

Everyone knows that having a great website is key for business growth, but is your law firm’s website customized for the type of business you own?

Probably not as well as you think it is. In fact, there are some very specific guidelines to follow in order to make your law firm’s website the most effective.

Read on for the top 5 tips that will help you with lawyer website design.

1) Focus on Layout

Ease-of-use and proper visual organization are absolutely key to effectiveness.

Combining attractive graphics, helpful videos, blogs, and positive press will vary things and avoid boring walls of text. A great rule of thumb is: less is more.

Confused? Browse around other law firm’s websites, like L+G Attorneys, to check out examples of effective lawyer website design. But don’t forget to make sure that your design is unique!

2) Don’t Be Modest

When it comes to your law firm’s website, don’t be afraid to brag!

Remember, the viewers of your website are browsing around for a specific service. Make sure that you shine above the rest.

Testimonials from previous clients are a great way to impress. Also, if your firm has been reviewed on Yelp, include those reviews as well!

3) Professionalism Matters in Lawyer Website Design

There is a definite line between being friendly and being too casual.

Consumers browsing around websites can’t help but judge them on appearance. Especially for a law firm’s website, a sleek, professional look will instantly attract them to your service. When it comes to a law practice, establishing trust from day one is incredibly important.

Finding a great attorney can be intimidating, so stay away from lots of complex legal jargon that may confuse the customer.

4) Be Accessible

Prospective clients won’t just be looking at your website from their laptops or desktop computers.

In fact, 77% of adults in the U.S. own a smartphone. This means that people just need to reach into their pockets to look at any website, any time.

Make sure that your law firm’s website is accessible from every device possible. Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet, you will need to ensure that your website can automatically detect what screen size it will need to adapt to for proper visibility.

And beyond mobile accessibility, make sure that you are accessible! Put as many “contact us” buttons as possible on your website.

5) Let Your Experience Shine

Now that you have an attractive, accessible website, it’s time to show your clients why they should trust your team to provide them with legal services.

Include these details on your website to highlight your law firm’s experience:

  • How many years your firm has been practicing
  • Settlements you’ve made in the past
  • Details of the kind of law your firm specializes in
  • Certifications or awards that your firm has received
  • Profiles for each attorney on your team, and don’t skimp on the photo quality!

Want to Make Your Website Even Better?

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