The Latest and Greatest Real Estate SEO Tips That Actually Work

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More than ever before, buyers are going online to shop for their next home.

Whether your business is new or well-established, an optimized website is essential in today’s market. For industry professionals, real estate SEO is more important than ever.

What makes real estate SEO different than normal SEO? Although some strategies are the same, there are a few key ways to drive traffic to your real estate site.

Here are five ways to optimize your real estate SEO ranking.

Target Local Keyword Phrases

Most shoppers will begin their search with a local keyword phrase, such as “Miami realtor.”

Although your company may cover several cities or regions, you should first focus on the main city you do business in.

For example, realtors based in Miami could optimize their site using terms like:

  • Miami homes for sale
  • Miami real estate listings
  • Miami realtor
  • Miami real estate agent

You can also get creative and think about other phrases people may use, such as “living in Miami” or “we buy houses Miami.” The more strong keywords you can create and work naturally throughout your website, the better!

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

We can’t emphasize it enough. If you want the highest real estate SEO rankings, your site must be mobile-friendly.

58% of home buyers found their last home on a mobile device. The most common reasons buyers visit real estate sites is to view listings, compare prices, and read reviews.

With that in mind, you want to make sure you’re using a responsive design so your site is easy to view and navigate on any device.

Be Consistent With Your NAP

No, we’re not talking about a siesta. NAP stands for your company’s name, address, and phone number. This needs to be consistent everywhere it appears online.

Use Google’s advanced search feature and type in:

  • “company name” “city”
  • “company name” “zip code”
  • “zip code”

This will ensure you find every site where your company’s name appears. If you find any incorrect spellings or other errors, you can fix them.

Write Blog Posts

For properties you’re especially motivated to sell, add some SEO-boosting blog listings to your website. This is a sure way to drive traffic to your site and those specific listings.

Be sure to include the property’s address, as well as:

  • Meta description
  • Title tag
  • Alternate tag on photos
  • File name for photos
  • 200+ words of unique content

Use Lots of Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are great SEO tools for any website, but especially for real estate sites.

The more photos you have of each property, the better. Buyers also love looking at video tours of the house and yard.

If possible, try to get a few video testimonials from recent buyers. An ecstatic new home owner who just received their keys will be happy to oblige!

Final Thoughts on Real Estate SEO

With so much opportunity online, realtors can’t afford to miss out. A strong SEO-optimized website is a key to attracting new customers to your business.

How do you know where your site ranks or how you can improve those rankings? Check out our free SEO tools for helpful insight and suggestions.