Don’t Get Lost: 3 Tips to Boost Online Traffic

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There are more than 1 billion websites online today. When considering the sheer volume of sites battling for online traffic, it’s not surprising that some sites struggle to get hits.

This is particularly true if you have a limited marketing budget.

Below, we discuss ways to boost your online traffic – and not all of them involve massive marketing spend.

Build a library of useful content

You have probably heard the mantra ‘content is king’. However tired you are of hearing this cliché, that doesn’t stop it being true.

A good blog, how-to guides, notes from the CEO – and much more – are all valuable types of content that you can use as part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. There are free online tools which can help you understand how well your site is performing in this area.

Content should aim to use common keywords users type into online search engines like Google when looking for your type of products and services.

This helps search engines understand what your site is about. In turn, this encourages them to push your site up the rankings – increasing online traffic.

It really doesn’t matter how well-known or niche your organization is – you can always find content to write about.

Combine your SEO strategy with PPC advertising

PPC is ‘pay-per-click’ advertising. These are the adverts you’ve no doubt seen at the top of search results. Each time a user clicks on one of these, the search engine company takes a fee.

PPC can be expensive, and many users ignore search ads anyway. But if you’ve got the budget, using it in combination with a good SEO strategy by targeting the same keywords can be very effective.

If you’ve managed to land grab the first results in Google with your SEO and covered the paid ads too, you’ll be looking at a healthy click through share from users, pushing up your online traffic figures.

Partner with influencers

Influencer partnerships are a relatively new marketing tool. This is where a person with lots of followers on social media is paid by a company to promote a product.

Some of the most expensive influencers demand fees of hundreds of thousands of dollars just for posting about a product on Instagram or Facebook.

But there are smaller influencers who are very happy to take a lower fee. Some will even post a video or photos about your product in exchange for being allowed to keep it afterwards.

What else can I do?

You can become a member of forums relating to your business, and spread the word on these. Most forums expect you to actually be a regular contributor before sharing links (and some expressly forbid it) – so be careful not to get banned. This may reflect poorly on your brand.

Competitions and giveaways are a good way to get your content shared across the web, and you can reach out to competition listing sites to gain more exposure.

And you can also get in touch with the press to see if they’ll cover your business. Local press are more likely to say yes. Ask them (very nicely) if they don’t mind including a link back to your site in their online coverage.

Read our blog for more tips on maximizing your online exposure, and feel free to use our online tools to help plan and measure your online campaigns.