5 Dental Marketing Ideas to Make Customers Smile

dental marketing

The world of marketing has taken on entirely new tactics and strategies since the Digital Transformation of business. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Just because much of dental marketing is online doesn’t mean it has to be full of painful technical terms and fancy coding. You can find ways to market your dental practice in a fun way that entices customers to choose you!

Here are 5 dental marketing tips that are guaranteed to make your customers smile and drum up some new business:

Use Social Media to Show Employees Having Fun

Most businesses try to look professional all the time, including on social media. But a FaceBook or Instagram account is the perfect environment to let your hair down a little! Social media is one of the best ways to show customers what the mood of your practice is.

It’s not a secret that many people are uncomfortable or even afraid at the dentist’s office. Especially kids! So posting photos of a fun holiday office party or employees smiling at a work retreat can go a long way to putting people at ease.

Use Your Customers Device

It seems strange, but if you can get your patients to post on your Facebook page from their device, your exposure is significantly increased.

Creating new business is all about online visibility which means implementing some basic SEO. When you patient posts on your Facebook page then roughly 35% of their friends will see the post. That can be hundreds of people!

Happy patients are usually very willing to pose for a photo with you. It’s as simple as asking, “Can I take the photo with your phone? Would you post it on our Facebook page?” Then say, “Cheese!”

Use keywords for Targeted Dental Marketing

Finding a dentist is a highly localized event. No one is going to drive out of town for a dentist!

So when people are searching for a dentist they will type in something like, “dentist Anchorage”  and click on what first pops up. To increase your rankings for localized searches, sprinkle your text with keywords that include the name of your town.

Try YouTube

Users expect content. When a potential customer visits your website, if you have a blog and YouTube videos that provide useful information then the customer is more likely to give you their business.

YouTube is a great way to express yourself with some humor and some interest. People love to learn about things through video formats that have good clean graphics and music.

Advertise with Humor

In all of your dental marketing strategies, don’t forget humor. People want to feel at ease when they’re at the dentist.

A billboard with a little humor. A targeted ad campaign with a joke about flossing. These are all good ways to promote your business in a fun and humorous way.


Dental marketing doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring! And being a professional doesn’t mean you can’t crack a smile. In fact, you should show off those pearly whites and make your customers laugh!

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