7 Tips for Better Placement in Google Search Results

google search results

With small business owners, webmasters, and entrepreneurs all increasing their digital marketing budgets how can they make sure they are making the most of this spend? The Holy Grail of digital marketing is often ranking as high as possible in the Google search results.

Companies know that when potential customers look to find a convenient product or service they are unlikely to scan beyond the first page of options. But how can you make sure your company is headed in the right direction?

Wasting time in the digital economy and hoping for success can leave your business lost in the dust. But there are ways to get there, and get there fast.

Deploy these strategies and watch your business soar in the Google search results…

1. Watch Every Penny

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs who know the importance of optimal placement in Google search results they just don’t know how to get there. Unfortunately, this can set up a reactive response where they feel like they are falling behind the competition and scramble for a solution.

They spend heavy investments to get to a top ranking in Google search results and are disappointed when they don’t arrive there.

Remember: No one can guarantee you top ranking in Google. Any action should be achievable and measurable when it comes to digital marketing.

With digital marketing, there are mechanisms in place to trace every penny to measurable results. Whether your internal marketing team or a trusted advisor is working on SEO you should be able to watch every penny.

Tie digital marketing efforts to a direct ROI and you will be able to see the benefits of your investment. Plus, you will know when to double down on a strategy when it works.

2. Start With Hosting

As small business owners move to a more aggressive SEO strategy and eCommerce model they may need to go back and reevaluate their web hosting solution.

What many business owners don’t realize is that the wrong web hosting can negatively impact SEO. Server location, server quality, uptime and downtime, and upload speed are all connected to your Google search results.

Take a step back before moving your SEO forward and make sure you have the right web hosting to get there.

3. Quality Matters

Content is king when it comes to building SEO. But what causes some businesses to stumble is a focus on the wrong kind of content.

Maybe you have heard the old adage when it comes to computer programming: junk in, junk out.

The same is true with content. If you are just jamming keywords into blog posts and creating bland and boring information it won’t help in the SEO game.

In fact, these efforts could actually hurt your search rankings. Focus on creating quality, interesting content over quantity.

And using methods live video content and various shareable social media platforms can help point visitors to your website over and over again.

4. Cater To Your Clients

Know your audience. Nothing can help you boost SEO like knowing your audience and catering to their needs.

The benefit of digital marketing is that embedded in every campaign is free market research of your exact customer base and web visitors.

You can study market demographics, time on site, bounce rate, and what content your visitors respond best to. Most of us know that video content is overtaking the internet because visitors prefer it.

Take a regular look at your measurement tools and get to know your clients more and more. If you do and create content around their preferences you will see your client base increase and your Google search results improve.

5. Inbound Links

As you focus on the tools to get your business higher in Google search results don’t forget that one of the biggest goals is to increase your inbound links.

The more you use the right tools and create shareable content the better off your site will be in terms of inbound links. People will depend on your voice and content and share that accordingly.

Track your success with building inbound links and you will see a direct connection with SEO results.

6. Be Consistent  To Achieve The Best Google Search Results

Too many businesses want to rank high in the Google search results but don’t want to spend the time to get there. Whether you use a digital marketing guru or regularly complete your SEO checklist on your own, to get the results you want, you need to invest time and resources.

If anyone questions the power of content alone in boosting inbound traffic and SEO take a peek at the case of the business that increased traffic by 3000% percent in a single year.

While those results are a testimonial for content they also speak to the power of consistency. The company was only able to reach such heights by creating an average of 4 pieces of digital content per week over the course of the year.

Your competitors know that power of SEO and are trying to get on the front page for search results too. Only by continually working to invest in the best content and tools can you reach the goals of SEO you are striving for.

Remember, SEO success doesn’t always mean pouring money at the issue. But it does require a consistent focus and time investment to deliver results.

7. Get the Best Tools, Resources, and Training

One of the challenges in succeeding in digital marketing and always achieving your goals when it comes to Google search results is that the strategies change over time. Last year’s can’t miss techniques are this year’s losers.

You need to stay up to date on the latest tools, resources, and training to get the most of every investment in digital marketing. And we can help.

Site Report Card offers the latest and greatest tools to get you the help you need to succeed at SEO.

Remember, the start of any journey is knowing where you begin. Do you know how your website stacks up against the competition right now?

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