5 Modern Website Design Ideas for Lawyers 2017

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Seven seconds is all it takes for a customer to judge a website. Within those seconds, the consumer decides if they trust the company and if they’ll stay on that page. If they stay on the page less than seven seconds, that company won’t be getting their business.

The key to keeping their eyes on a site is having a modern website design. There should be a focus on aesthetics and a clear message built into the design. The colors and design creativity differ by business sector.

Law firm websites need an equal balance of trust and beauty in their modern website design. Let’s look at some good ideas below.

Law Firm Modern Website Design Ideas


Using video on a web page is tricky. There is the risk that it won’t load, leaving the user with a blank or loading screen. It also risks being too distracting, which leaves the viewer overwhelmed. To succeed at using videos on a homepage, keep it silent and low activity.

Businesses who have successful sites with homepage videos keep the rest of their page simple. A background video in faded colors with a simple menu overlay is right on trend.

The Color Blue

The color blue conveys trust and responsibility. It’s often used in modern website design to create a reputable look. Companies who need their customers to trust them, use blue in their logos. Law firms should choose a modest but deep blue in their web design.

For example, a Real Estate Lawyer Long Island could use a picture of the sea to bring the confidence of blue onto their page.

Put the Message First

When looking for a lawyer, customers think about two things when choosing a lawyer. One, they look at recommendations and two, they want to know what separates one professional from the next. Attorneys have had luck putting their message front and center in their web page design.

With a clear message, customers can spend their seven seconds efficiently. It lets them decide immediately if the message matches what they’re looking for.


Online consumers get bombarded with information and ads every day. They don’t need a complicated web design to add to their busy lives. Websites with obvious and simple design features are easier to use.

With a simple page, clients won’t get frustrated finding what they’re looking for and leave. Simple websites can increase a customers total time on site which increases the likelihood of their business.

Have Prominent Contact Info

It can do more harm than one thinks to make customers dig for contact information. With the internet at their fingertips, clients crave an easy user experience. The businesses phone number should be visible at first glance.

Some choose to do this a contact form or tab. Others have their information built into their headings. As long as it’s obvious and easy, there’s no wrong way.

Moving Forward

Designing a website is hard and knowing it was done right is harder. There are website tests that give websites personalized success scores, which are great to build web design around. With the tips above and SEO-centered website, no one can fail!