5 Local SEO Strategies That Will Get Business Booming

local seo strategies

The digital marketing space continues to grow more competitive and more congested by the day. There is a really good reason for this, however. Can you believe that SEO related spending may grow to over $80 million by 2020?

Such a vast industry means most businesses are utilizing some man power to improve their SEO. Are you one of them? Or are you unsure where to start and what to do?

If so, read below to find out more about five local SEO strategies that will help you reach great success with your business.

Claim your Google Business Page

Your first and immediate step when working on local SEO strategies should be to claim your Google My Business (GMB) page. Next, you need to ensure it is complete. It’s free and crucial for getting you to show up in “near me” searches.

To claim your Google My Business Page check out this page. You will go through a verification process that involves a postcard being mailed to your business’s location. This will contain a PIN that you will need to claim your page.

You cannot use PO boxes. This verification process lets Google check that the business is legitimate. It also lets them check that you are the actual owner.

Once you have claimed your Google My Business page, you need to be sure to put all the important information on it. Create a helpful description of your business and state the category it should fit in.

Don’t forget to include business hours and types of payment accepted. Make sure you also post flattering photos of your business.

It is best practice to complete every section available. This will provide potential customers with all the information they need to come make a visit.

Always keep your posted information up to date. If your online presence says you are open until eight o’clock and a customer shows up at seven to find you closed at six o’clock, they are unlikely to come back.

Pay Attention to your Reviews

As part of claiming your Google business page, customer reviews of your business or product have great influence.

Any business wanting to improve their local SEO strategies should focus on reviews as one of their first steps to success.

Customer reviews impact how visible you are online. This is crucial to attracting more consumers. Additionally, customer reviews act as a persuasion to potential consumers. If people see positive reviews, they are more like to trust and visit your business.

While this sounds easy, it can be hard getting customers to write honest reviews. People tend not to review good experiences, instead choosing to vent online about a negative experience.

One step to help with this issue is to talk to your regulars. Because they are regulars, you can safely assume what they write will be positive. And by providing reviews, they are contributing to the longevity of the business, thus they should also be happy to post something.

Try suggesting they take a look at your business on Google and leave a comment there. Google results are a very visible source for customer reviews and should not be neglected.

Other methods for getting reviews posted can include signs at the entrance or offer some type of discount for checking in and/or providing a review.

Do not forget to respond to your reviews! This is just as important. Respond both to positive and negative reviews. This shows people reading that you appreciate positive reviews, but also take responsibility for any issues guest experiences.

Get Talking and Get Linking – Key Local SEO Strategies

Many cities and towns have their own directories. This is a great place to have your business information so people can click and be sent to your site. These local links will increase your SEO.

You should also work with other local business to get them to have links to your business on their websites. Reach out to local newspapers or blogs. Ensuring your business and products are linked in multiple methods will help you be visible to the surrounding community.

Proper link building should always be part of local SEO strategies for all businesses.

Create Beneficial Content to Locals

One option to use in your plan for local SEO strategies is feature content on your blog that the community you are in will want to read. This means you should write about local news and events.

Even though you may not be writing directly about your business or product in every post, you will get the image of a community brand. When someone needs a service, they will think of you if you meet that need.

When you do write content specific to your business or products, take the appropriate time to discover the right keywords. Using keywords that people are currently searching for will help your posts be found.

Be sure not to write superficial content just to plug keywords. This type of content is not useful to your customers. It also can limit how you show up in search engine results.

You can get creative. Write a mixture of longer, detailed posts and short, to the point posts that still have great information. You can explore until you find what your customers like best.

Explore Local Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup is sometimes called schema markup. While this sounds complicated, it simply is additional code for your website. It helps search engines identify more information about your business or products.

This includes your products you have, reviews on your site, services you offer, and more. While this sounds great, many businesses do not make use of this tool. This means you should make it part of your local SEO strategies!

Search engines like Google actually want you to use it because it helps their processes work better. They offer tools and guides to help if you are wary of dealing with actual code.

These are just a few awesome local SEO strategies to use to grow your business into a success. Don’t waste any more time, go get started!