5 Must Have WordPress Plugins That Will Grow Your Business

must have wordpress plugins

Maintaining a high-quality website is one of the most important things you can do for your business. However, it’s no longer enough to just have a website that is “nice” looking. Your website needs to be user-friendly so it attracts more real-life customers.

In order for your site to be user-friendly, it needs to be incredibly easy to navigate. Details about your products, reservations for your services, directions to your location, contact information- all of this information should be easy for the customer to find.

In other words, for your site to be successful, it needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Luckily, if you’re using WordPress, there are tons of plugins that can help you get the functionality you need to grow your business.

To help narrow down your options, check out our list of top 5 must have WordPress plugins that will grow your business:

Yoast Local SEO

We all know how important SEO is.

But did you know that local SEO is becoming more important than ever? In fact, 50 percent of consumers who do a local search on a smartphone visit the store within a day.

However, local SEO strategy is also different than regular SEO strategy.

That’s because with advances in search engine technology, you get different results for local searches depending on the location you’re searching from.

For example, let’s say you’re a hair salon. You don’t necessarily care about ranking as the “world’s best hair salon.” After all, no one is going to hop on a plane just to go get a haircut. But, you do want to rank high in the search results if a local person searches “best salons” in your area.

So how do you make sure your business is ranking better in the local search, and not just the main search?

This is where Yoast Local SEO plugin comes in. It’s one of the top must have WordPress plugins for local search. It helps you rank high in your local search by:

  • Informing Google of your business location
  • Doing a schema markup for your business’ location and hours so Google can display this info in the search results
  • Displays your location right on your website using Google Maps. This even includes a route planner so your visitors can easily navigate
  • Offers support for multiple locations

Membership with Yoast Local SEO starts at $69 for a single website license.


Did you know that about half of all people who visit your website leave without ever clicking on anything?

This is known as bounce rate. And don’t feel bad- a good bounce rate is somewhere between 40%-55%.

Clearly, getting people to your site isn’t enough. You want them to stay on your site and to eventually turn into loyal customers.

In order to develop customer loyalty, you need to cultivate a relationship with them. And an email newsletter is one of the best ways to do this.

Bloom is a plugin that can help you grow your email list by allowing you to create eye-catching email opt-in forms. It even automates the whole process by integrating with your email service provider.

Bloom will help you grow your email list and your client base with these features:

  • Allow you to display email opt-in forms after your blog posts. These opt-ins may be widgets, fly-ins, or pop-ups.
  • Allow you to select from over 100, responsive originally designed templates
  • Allow you to custom design your email opt-ins so they fit with the overall theme of your website
  • Integrate with the biggest email service providers: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, Get Response, Constant Contact, as well as several others.
  • Performs tests that give you detailed statistics on how your email forms perform. This allows you to test out different forms until you find the one that is most successful.

Bloom offers annual memberships that start at $89/year.


Anyone who offers a service that involves scheduling appointments with their customers will love Booki.

Scheduling customer appointments is a lot bigger hassle than many people realize. It involves keeping a lot of information organized and phone conversations can often be unnecessarily time-consuming.

Book helps you stay organized and it cuts down on your administrative tasks, saving you valuable time for other projects.

With Booki, you can automate your bookings and payments (with Paypal) right from your website. It then integrates these bookings into your Google calendar, so you never have to worry about writing anything down.

It also comes with a variety of advanced features, such as:

  • Stats summary page
  • Automated email confirmation and reminders- so your customers can stay organized too
  • Custom form fields that allow you to collect specific information about your customer that is relevant to your industry

Booki also allows you to:

  • Create an unlimited number of services for your customers to book
  • Automatically confirm bookings
  • Hold bookings for your approval
  • Choose between online payments via Paypal or offline payments
  • Create coupons for customers to use when checking out
  • Keep customers from booking on too short of a notice by setting a minimum notice

Booki costs $29.


If you’re a restaurant owner, you know that one of the main reasons people visit your site is to look at your online menu.

But what’s seriously annoying is when that online menu comes in a clunky PDF format.

PDF scans often aren’t responsive on mobile devices. Plus, even a minor change means you have to update the whole thing.

When it comes to must have WordPress plugins for restaurants, Foodpress is the one. Food press allows you to create beautiful, responsive online menus that are incredibly easy to update and edit.

Its features include:

  • Several themes and styles so the menu can match your branding
  • Ability to create multiple menus for different locations
  • Variety of images, themes, and styles allow you to create beautiful, custom-made menus
  • Option to include ingredients, nutrition facts, custom fields

Foodpress is $34.

Testimonial Showcase

Testimonials are one of the best ways to acquire new customers.

However, displaying a list of quotes isn’t the best way to show off these testimonials.

Using a testimonials plugin, like Testimonial Showcase, allows you to put these customer reviews front and center and in a stylish format.


  • Choose from 15 different themes
  • Display testimonials in a slideshow or grid format
  • Include a 5-star rating system
  • Visitors have the ability to submit reviews right from your site

Must Have WordPress Plugins: Wrap Up

Using these must have WordPress plugins will save you time and help your business grow.

However, WordPress plugins are only a part of the equation when it comes to developing your site. Be sure to check out these free SEO tools that will help take your site to the next level.