5 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas for New Agents

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Are you a new real estate agent looking for a creative way to increase your real estate leads and sales?

You might want to consider trying real estate video marketing. Video marketing is a visual and strategic way to enhance your agency’s digital presence online so you can connect with buyers.

With so many different kinds of videos to make, it can seem overwhelming.

Here are five real estate video marketing ideas for new agents to try.

1. Introduce Yourself

Sure, it’s important to showcase the homes that are for sale. However, providing potential buyers with an insight into your agency, how you operate, and who you are as an agent can go a long way, too.

An introduction video is a good first step to helping your clients get to know you, so you can earn their trust.

2. Walkthrough Video

When it comes to real estate video marketing, you should consider making a walkthrough video of the homes for sale.

This is a great way to give potential buyers an inside look to homes on the market, the way you present them, and even make them want to see the home in person.

Essentially, it’s a digital tour of a home up for sale.

A walkthrough video can also serve as sort of a “sneak peek” to leave buyers wanting more.

3. Show Off the Neighborhood

While it’s important to have a video that shows off the homes for sale, it’s also a good idea to give potential buyers a look at the neighborhood.

If you were getting ready to go on vacation, you’d take the time to see what there was to do around the place, right? The lodging that Whistler Premier offers for example goes hand in hand with its attractive surrounding environment.

Providing your customers with one or several videos about the area is a good way to give them a sense of where they would be living, and the perks of living there.

Is there a park, or a space for outdoor activities?

What is the nightlife like around the home?

These are just a few topics that a video about the neighborhood and surrounding area around the home could cover.

Remember, you’re not just selling a house, but also the neighborhood.

4. Drone Videos

Drone videos are a trendy topic right now, and can do wonders for real estate marketing.

While it’s great to give potential buyers a look inside the homes and show off the neighborhood, there’s something about a bird’s eye view that people love.

This kind of a video can be more time-consuming and expensive to make, but it’s a good opportunity to show off the home at angles that highlight its beauty and desirability.

5. Testimonials from Recent Buyers

Creating a video that shows happy customers is a great way to show potential new clients the end result they can look forward to.

Interviewing satisfied new homeowners that you helped will show other buyers that you will work hard to give your client a home they love.

Real Estate Video Marketing Has Countless Benefits

When it comes to real estate, video marketing is a great tool that you should be using to increase leads and sales.

It provides a visual for buyers to think about, and shows them the lengths you are willing to go to as an agent to help them find the perfect home for them.