How the Top Freight Shipping Sites Boost Their Traffic

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In today’s often digitally-based economy, every industry has to have a web presence in order to survive.

That’s why so many of the top freight shipping companies have invested in websites that generate traffic and spread the word about their services.

While it may be easy to create a website, it’s not always so easy to create a great one.

Read on for the top strategies that freight shipping companies use to increase traffic to their sites and increase their conversions.

1. Develop A Strong SEO Strategy

The majority of people find websites through search engines.

This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important, especially for smaller websites offering more niche services.

The benefits of optimizing your website are vast, and can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to your business.

To begin with, SEO can increase your website’s ranking. That means that when someone runs a web search using words that relate to your industry, your website is likely to show up as one of the top results on the page.

This means that you’ll get a lot more clicks than you would if your site was on the fifth page of search engine results.

SEO can also help lead to a better user experience once someone has clicked on your site. Providing an easy user experience will create a positive association with your brand.

Online SEO tools and trainings are a great place to start learning more about how to implement a killer SEO strategy.

2. Have A Well-Written Blog

Besides providing another opportunity to incorporate keywords into your site, a blog is a way to establish a voice for your brand that customers can relate to.

Rather than seeming like a nameless, impersonal corporation, writing a company blog on a regular basis helps customers feel connected to who you are and what you do.

Blog content can also be great for answering customer questions and sharing thoughts on trending topics.

If you allow comments on your blog posts, you’ll also give your potential customers an opportunity to share the things that are important to them. It’s also an effective way to communicate with your customers about their satisfaction with what you offer.

This way, you can adjust your service if necessary.

3. Unique Services

The best way to stand out and boost your online traffic is to offer a service that no one else in your industry does.

This way, customers will have to come to you to get what they need. Take some time to think about what you do best, or where you can innovate within the freight shipping industry.

Maybe you offer the best customer service or competitive pricing. Maybe you’ve found a better way to run truck load boards.

Whatever it is that you do differently from other shipping companies, dedicate some web space and online marketing to promoting it.

What’s Next For Your Freight Shipping Site?

After you’ve found ways to incorporate all of these strategies into your website, see how it stacks up compared to others.

Grade it using a site report card so that you can see what you’ve done right and where there still may be some room for improvement.