5 Great Ways to Get Quality Traffic for Your Site

quality traffic

If you ask any successful blogger, they will tell you that finding your niche is the most important part of bringing in followers. By connecting with the people who use your product, you can generate a lot of positive buzz in the community, and get quality traffic to your site.

However, you don’t just need people who like your product on Facebook. You need to attract the people who are out there buying your product in the stores.

So how do you get to those people, from your vantage point as an online retailer? How do you plant yourself in the path of your customer?

1. Consider Your Keywords

If you were trying to direct traffic to this origami flower website, for instance, you wouldn’t want to reach out to middle-class British women. It’s not that none of them will buy your product, some are bound to. But the majority of your customers will still be fish in the ocean, swimming by, tempting you to catch them.

You need to think about the kind of language that your target customer would be using to search for your service or item.

Keywords aren’t “tags”, so don’t limit them to single words. You need to put yourself inside the buyers head. Not the person who thinks they want to buy, but the one who has his wallet sitting on the table next to him.

2. Reduce Your Pages

If you want to rise in the ranks of Google you need to focus on quality more than quantity.

In the past, you could get away with “keyword stuffing”. People would go as far as using white text on white background to pack in keywords as many times as possible, so that they wouldn’t be visible to the user.

These days, the game has changed. Google wants you to work smarter, not harder. They will be looking for unique and quality content when they comb your web pages.

It is better to have well-developed concepts that are thoroughly explored on each of your pages than to have a bunch of pages of dense text or irrelevant material.

3. Add a Blog

One of the best places you can plant your rich keywords is in blog postings.

There are specific rules that you need to follow when you are creating these kinds of posts. Keywords (and links) should only be used a certain amount of times.

If you decide to add a blog to your web page, check out these tips.

4. Add a Podcast

Depending on your industry, podcast listeners may be in your target demographic.

Podcasts are best for increasing brand awareness among potential customers. They can help to create a buzz because they are a very novel concept.

5. Enhance Your Social Media Presence

No matter how much effort you feel you are putting towards your social media accounts, only the results matter.

Examine the way you are presenting your brand and products on social media. See if there are any ways for you to gain quality traffic by altering your brand’s voice.

Quality Traffic Leads to Conversions

After reading about all the work that goes into creating quality traffic to your website, you might be reconsidering a lot of things.

You could also be thinking, “Is this really all that important?”

The most important take away is simply quality traffic leads to conversions. If you want to get people to your site that are ready to buy, not browse, then you need to implement the tips discussed.

A Helping Hand

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