3 Blogger SEO Tips to Know for Your Hunting Blog

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Are you not getting as much traffic to your hunting blog as you would like?

It can be frustrating putting in all that work and knowing that no one is seeing it. At this point, you might be thinking that when it comes to clicks, it’s all about luck.

Not true! There’s an actual science to it, called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Driving more traffic to your hunting blog lies in your understanding of SEO. We’ll explain the essential blogger SEO tips you have to know to get more readers.

1. Make Sure Your Site is User-Friendly

An easy step to instantly boost your SEO is making sure your blog is user-friendly. But what makes for good usability? First, it has to be mobile friendly.

What your blog looks like on a computer, might not be how it looks on a smart phone. It might also be difficult to navigate. This will lower your SEO ranking.

Google recently changed its algorithm. Now mobile usability is more important than desktop usability. Google has a free tool to test your website.

Another measure of good usability is whether your site contains broken or dead links. There are free tools to test for this as well.

2. Know How to Use Keywords

There’s an art to finding and correctly using keywords. First, you have to find the right keywords for your blog.

Start by using a tool to see if any of the keywords you’re already using are helping your ranking. You can also use Google Adwords to help think of new keywords.

After you have the right keywords, know how to use them.

Let’s say you’re blogging over at badasshuntingboots.com and your keyword is “waterproof your boots.” (Note: keywords can be words and phrases).

You don’t want to just “stuff” your post with that phrase. Using your keyword too much will actually hurt your ranking.

Pepper your blogs organically with your keyword. Use the keyword as part of your title like, “Why You Must Waterproof Your Boots.” Then use your keyword again in a paragraph header and few more sprinkled within the blog.

3. Use Internal and External Linking

One criterion for your SEO ranking is how long people stay on your website. Get your readers to stay longer and click more through internal linking.

Internal linking is when you link to other pages that are on your blog. This will get you more clicks and keep people reading longer.

Another blogger SEO tip is to use external linking. This is when you link to other sites inside your blog posts. These links should be to reputable websites.

This makes your blog look more trustworthy and less like spam. That helps your ranking because Google doesn’t want to boost spam sites.

Using these blogger SEO tips are a great start

Of course, there’s a lot more to maximizing your SEO than just these three. But they’re the basics you have to know and use.

Interested in learning more about SEO? There’s lots of information out there to help you improve your hunting blog’s performance. Check out these links to SEO training resources from around the web.