5 Ways to Get Content That Converts Like Mad

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Are you struggling to get conversions on your blog, even though it looks great and seems to have all the right visuals?

While logos, web design, and color schemes will help attract potential clients to view your website, it is the content that will be the key factor in converting those leads into paying customers.

The content on your blog informs visitors of promotions, invites them to take action, and provides the detailed benefits of the products or services you offer. It also allows you to learn what your clients care about and how you can best help them.

After you have learned how to start a blog and decide on the niche you will focus on, the next step will be determining how to get content that converts.

Let’s go over five ways to get content that generates and converts leads.

1. Utilize SEO strategies

In order to get conversions, you first need to get people to your site that have an interest in what you’re offering. Writing SEO friendly content is key to helping those people find your site when they are searching online.

One of the first steps would be to optimize your site with keywords where they are needed. Decide on what words best relate to your blog, so you can include them on the site and page titles, descriptions, and in the page content.

You can also add links to other pages on your site to boost your page views. This will also prove your knowledge expands beyond the article the visitor is currently reading. Another option is to link to other sites with relevant content—as long as they aren’t a competitor in your industry.

It is also vital to keep your site updated with the most current information. Out of date information causes visitors to think the site isn’t active. This will lead to them immediately searching for a more reliable source.

An additional step is to ensure your blog is indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These sites will typically do this automatically, but it will be important to confirm.

As you put together your site, you’ll find there are many plugins to help you get content.

2. Use WordPress Plugins

If you follow the majority of bloggers and have decided to build your blog with WordPress, then you have immense numbers of resources at your disposal to improve your content.

These come in the form of WordPress plugins. Plugins expand site functionality and add key features to your blog.

As you research the many options available, you will find that plugins can improve your calls to action, add testimonial pages from previous clients, create landing pages, and supply a table of contents to make pages easier to navigate. You can use examples like these to keep site visitors engaged.

There are other plugins that will even improve the look of your blog by automatically resizing uploaded images that may be too large for a web browser.

Basically, they have plugins for just about any need you have, including social media sharing options.

3. Search social media for trends

Knowing what your customers are talking about on social media will instantly provide insight into what content they want. By staying engaged with people on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you will be able to get content ideas concerning topics they care about.

Ask questions and share your own opinions to get others to share their thoughts with you. Your credibility will increase as you share trending information and stay ahead of the curve.

Social media also offers insight into web development news and trends, new website tools, and fresh affiliate programs to help you monetize your site.

If you don’t feel like marketing yourself on social media, then there is nothing wrong with simply joining some other groups that relate to your business and reading what others have to say.

As you learn these trends, you there may come a time when your personal knowledge is limited on something that would be beneficial to your site content. Luckily, there are other people out there willing to help you with this.

4. Hire freelance writers

There are many great content writers in the world and finding one that can help you might be easier than you think.

We all could use some help now and then, so if you ever get to a point where you’re running low on ideas or simply can’t think of how to write about a certain topic, try reaching out to a freelancer.

Multiple online resources are available to help you find an affordable freelance writer. These individuals will have profiles with samples you can review before hiring them to ensure their writing style and industry knowledge will fit your intentions.

Freelance writers can also bring new ideas to the table and can be one of the best ways to get content.

Other freelancers offer services like graphic design which can be used to get visuals for your site.

5. Use engaging visuals

According to Dr. John Medina, when you “hear a piece of information…three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%.”

When you use visuals on your site, the customer is more likely to remember what they have seen. If you have graphics made specifically for your site, it shows people that you get content that is unique and you have something valuable to offer them.

You can also use charts and graphs, infographics, screenshots of other pages, and even videos to boost site conversion. They will be more memorable than words and provide a nice break in between articles.

Get content that converts: Wrap up

If you haven’t been able to get your content to turn the needle with visitors, these are a few ways to get content that generates and converts leads.

As you begin to do utilize these tips, you will begin to see an increase in the conversions on your site.

Want to see how well you’re doing so far? Check out our free SEO audit tool!