5 Simple Website Ideas for Your Security Products

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Buying security products is a serious business. People are trusting these products with their belongings and, in some cases, with their lives. So how do you get them to trust your online products?

You do it by presenting a sleek, well-put together website that looks authoritative. People simply don’t trust a website that doesn’t work well or feels clunky or old.

You may be wondering how to get your website to look its best. Well, we’ve compiled some simple website ideas to help your site stand out.

1. Use Unique Typography

Using large and unique typography is an effective way to lead visitors to different parts of the site. A different size or font can draw a reader’s eye to different links on your site.

Just remember that you’re selling a serious product, so whatever typographies you choose should reflect that. You might want to avoid putting the page for a Wireless Driveway Alarm in Comic Sans.

Also, keep in mind that too many different fonts and sizes can become disorienting for visitors. Limit your site to a maximum of three different fonts in three different sizes and you should be good.

2. Start With A Background Video

You can also try placing a video on your home page that automatically starts playing in the background. If visitors click on it, they can take a deeper look at your business.

Video is processed much faster than text by our brains. So having a video begin playing on your site is a way to immediately grab a visitor’s attention.

3. Show Product Videos

Want to show potential customers how your security products actually work? Using shorter, explanatory videos is one of the best simple website ideas for security products.

You have an opportunity to demo a product or show how to place it properly. Whatever you choose, you’re helping visitors to feel more comfortable with your products.

4. Choose Simple Website Ideas Based On A Grid Layout

Different typography, videos, and other elements can make a site look messy if you aren’t careful. Grid layouts allow you to build your site base on rows and columns.

This can be a good option if you have many categories of security products for sale. It allows visitors to easily navigate the site and find what they’re looking for.

5. Become Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly layouts are critical in this day and age. Potential customers will both browse and purchase items on their phones.

Designing your site with mobile use in mind allows you to take advantage of this. But it also helps you avoid losing those customers who may be visiting on their phones.

Wrapping Up

Remember, your site has to be presentable and easily navigable. Those two items trump everything else. But apart from that, there are a multitude of design ideas out there.

If you feel like your site is underperforming, but you don’t know why, then it’s time to get help. Try our free Site Report Card to get an inside look at where your site is doing well–and where it could be better.