Marketing GIFs: How GIFs Benefit Content Marketing

marketing gifs

GIFs are more than just a funny trend. They can also be a valuable part of any companies marketing strategy.

Using marketing GIFs are a great way to connect with a particular audience, allowing you to target them in a way that they easily connect with.

With experts estimating that by 2018, 84 percent of internet traffic will be videos, your content marketing strategy needs to be visual. GIFs are an easy way to add catchy video content without the need to invest tons of time, money, and skill into creating lengthy videos.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to see how GIFs benefit your content marketing strategy.

They’re the Latest Trend

A great content marketing strategy focuses on keeping up with current media trends.

Utilizing these trends lets your audience know that you’re interested they are interested in. It leaves your company looking modern and up-to-date on what’s popular at any given time.

There has been no shortage of media trends in recent years. In 2017 alone, 360 degree video, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence reached international popularity.

Not paying attention to trends such as GIFs can leave your content marketing strategy looking stuffy and outdated.

The popular GIF site Giphy reported that in October 2017, more than one billion GIFs were being accessed on their website each day.

You Audience Can Take in GIFs in No Time

Unlike lengthy written content or long videos, marketing GIFs can be absorbed by your audience in seconds. They won’t have to watch them again and again to get your message.

Although, if you create or use the right GIFs, odds are visitors to your website or social media pages will watch them over and over again.

They Can Tell a Story, Promote a Product, or Even Inspire Client Participation

One of the things that make integrating marketing GIFs so easy is how versatile they are.

Depending on your company’s style and brand, they can be used to tell stories, make your audience laugh, promote new products or services, or even get your clients personally involved.


To tell a story, use GIFs as an accent to a written story that you post on your website or social media. GIFs could show your audience that they are supposed to laugh at your story, or can set the scene by showing a character, action, or possible setting for your story.

For Products

GIFs are a great way to show a short example of a new product or service that you’re offering.

If a client sees your marketing GIF and is interested in what they see, they’ll go looking for longer videos or more in-depth information about your product.


To use GIFs to get your clients personally involved, consider holding a contest to see which client can create the best GIF to represent your brand or one of your products.

Unlike longer videos, GIFs take relatively little skill to create. Clients of any tech-skill level can easily go online to quickly learn more about building their own.

Start Using Marketing GIFs Today!

If you’re ready to see how marketing GIFs can upgrade your content marketing strategy, start by creating your own.

But if you’re still unsure of how GIFs can benefit your content strategy, contact us today!

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