SEO Solutions: Top WordPress Plugins for Mommy Bloggers

seo solutions

Being a mommy blogger lets you watch the kids while pulling in some extra income.

Though blogging might start off by sharing neat tips & tricks and experiences, it can evolve into a very real business.

When things begin to take off, SEO solutions need to become part of the discussion. Finding the right SEO solutions will help you to expand the blog’s reach and boost profitability.

Want a solution to this problem that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money?

Keep reading.

SEO Solutions via WordPress Plugins

WordPress accounts for 28% of all sites on the Internet. This means that you’ve got the solutions to your SEO problems built-in and available through free and paid third-parties.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast is the quintessential SEO plugin for newbies and veterans of WordPress sites. It features robust and easy-to-use SEO practices and strategies you can apply to your site.

The WordPress SEO plugin will also help sort archive pages, apply meta data, and assist in pinging search engines.


The WP Meta SEO plugin offers similar features to Yoast. However, its standout feature is the reporting it offers.

The dashboard of this plugin will provide an easy-to-understand website score and analysis. This will help you to improve the site.

It then offers suggestions for optimization. Plus, it’s updated for new trends and practices in the industry.


Websites come and go — meaning those external links could point to a dead site. That certainly doesn’t make your mommy blog look authoritative.

LinkPatrol will search through your site and report which links are no longer working. This will give you a chance to fix the links and protect your SEO strategy.

All-in-One SEO Pack

The All-in-One SEO Pack is frequently on the list of “recommended” plugins when you’re on the backend of your site.


Because, as the name suggests, it does it all.

The plugin will automatically generate the appropriate tags and titles. You can also set factors and queries to pull from based on your requirements. It’s one of the few plugins that works well with the e-commerce solutions built on WordPress.

High Ranks and Big Business

High ranking in search engines, matched with promoting the right products, means big opportunities to make money.

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a coffre a jouet table or the hottest new stroller. SEO is a necessity.

What SEO can do for You

SEO seems overwhelming once you dig down into what it offers.

Despite this, SEO plays an important role in the success of your blog. It provides free traffic, helps you to optimize for relevant keywords, and gives you higher placement and click-through rates.

Plus, it can give you a serious leg up on your competition.

Most importantly, it allows your content to reach its audience. Do yourself — and your readers — a favor and install one of these WordPress SEO solutions plugins today.