5 Local Contractor SEO Tips to Get Your Company’s Site to Rank

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There is a limitless amount of space online, so everyone can establish their presence in cyberspace.

Of course, this lack of boundaries means lots of competition. Several companies and individuals offering the same thing often makes it hard for your brand to stand out.

This rings especially true when it comes to ranking high in search engine results.

Luckily, there are several strategies that can and will optimize rankings. Read on to learn more about how to use contractor SEO to your advantage.

Implementing Keywords

The most important aspect of search engine optimization (“SEO” for short) is the selection and implementation of keywords.

Your keywords should be popular search terms within your industry, and should also indicate your service area. You should use a variety of these relevant keywords throughout all your web content, from your image file names to your blog posts.

For example, let’s say a given business provides online safety training for local companies and their employees.  The name of this business is Safety Net Training, and it serves companies located in Rockingham County, Virginia.

An effective keyword for this company’s site would be something like “safety training virginia” or “best safety training rockingham.”

Remember, your keywords must read organically or else audiences will see through this basic SEO tactic. This means avoid keyword stuffing, and look for natural ways to center your content around keywords.

Including A Title And Meta Description

A webpage’s title and meta description create a sort of “ad” for search engine results.  The title highlights the main idea of the page. The meta description provides a short summary of what the page is about.

Search engines take titles and meta descriptions into account when spitting out results. So, it’s important to include both, as well as to optimize them with the chosen keywords.

Getting Linked Externally

Google takes into account the credibility of a website when ranking it.

The more external links that go to your site, the more credible it becomes — and the higher your site climbs in search engine results.

So, businesses should look for opportunities for external linking. This includes connecting with other businesses in the area (not your competitors, of course) and commenting on industry forums.

Getting Reviews

Nowadays, most brands sell products online.  When it comes to digital sales, nothing works like word of mouth (well, word of finger in this case).

Reviews provide valuable insight into products and services.  Most consumers check a company’s reviews prior to purchasing anything from them. To them, reviews are a way to validate a company’s credibility.

So, it’s a smart idea for companies to garner reviews from past customers to share online.

Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows companies to track the metrics of their websites. It is especially useful for analyzing site traffic data.

In conjunction with Google’s AdWords, companies can examine the effectiveness of online campaigns. Google Analytics also shows where visitors came from, how long they spent on the page, and their geographic location.

There are a multitude of ways to optimize websites for high search engine rankings. These techniques, though, are the heavy hitters and should be implemented no matter what.

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