Expert SEO Hacks for a Web Design Company

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There’s nothing that compares to the ROI of expert SEO. Need to drive more traffic to your site? You can get results within days if you know what to focus on.

Try these outstanding SEO hacks to get the results you need to grow your business.

And don’t forget to apply them to clients’ websites and knock them out with your SEO know-how!

Expert SEO Starts With What Customers Want

Keyword use has evolved since the days of stuffing them on a page. But one thing hasn’t changed: they need to be relevant to your customers.

When developing keywords for pages and blog posts, forget about what you want to say. It’s all about what problems customers face and the words they use to find solutions.

For example, if they’re low on capital but need web design, they might search for “website on a budget” or “affordable website”.

If you want more local traffic then use keywords like “web design Cape Town” to attract your ideal customers in your geographic market.

SEO Page Descriptions Need Multiple Keywords

You can boost the value of your SEO page description by including more than one keyword. Using the example above, that might look like “Need a website on a budget? Check out our affordable website design packages.”

Mobile-Friendly Is Not Optional

More than 50% of web views are on phones or tablets. Mobile-friendly websites are no longer nice to have. They’re essential.

And it’s not just because mobile-friendly design creates a better user experience. Search engines give higher ranking to pages on sites that are responsive to the device used for viewing.

Embrace Infographics

Search engines give pages with images higher ranking. From the perspective of file type and attributes, there’s nothing special about infographics.

But what makes them valuable to SEO is how engaging and sharable they are. People are more likely to click on an infographic than an ordinary image. Great infographics raise a page’s rank by increased visits. Even more importantly, if you’ve struck a chord with users, more will link back to your site, which is also an expert SEO tactic.

Include Short, Relevant Videos

Pages with video will rank even higher than those with static images. Keep alt tags and other meta data relevant to keywords and page content to get the most from this expert SEO hack.

Also, aim for videos that are 30-90 seconds long and don’t require special viewers.

Use the Right Schema Markup

Schema markup, or structured data markup, is one of those behind-the-scenes expert SEO tactics that the customer will never see. But they will thank you for it.

Structured data markup makes it easy for search engines to “understand” content and context when ranking pages. Despite being search engines’ preferred schema, few websites use structured data markup. That gives sites that do an advantage over less SEO-savvy sites.

Content Is Still King

High-quality content remains the cornerstone of expert SEO practices. Use clear and natural language. Focus each page or blog post to one idea.

As search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, relevance gains more value. Make sure everything on the page — including images — is relevant to the overall site.

Try to include one snippet of share-worthy text on each page. Make it easy for the user to share on social media with one click.

Never Stop Learning

The world of web design is always evolving. Check out our blog to learn more about SEO and web development trends to keep your and your customers’ websites at the top of search results pages!