Expert SEO Tips for a Ticket Selling Website

expert seo

SEO techniques are constantly changing and getting a ticket sales website to rank in search results can be a tedious job.

The easiest way to think about optimizing a website for SEO is to think like the consumer. Consumers search the web on their preferred search engine, usually on Google, by typing in a few keywords to find what they’re looking for.

Obviously, keywords are important for an expert SEO performance and there are a few other tricks too. Getting your event sales website to rank on Google search results isn’t easy, but take a look at these tips to boost search engine optimizations.


Keywords are those words that the consumer is typing in a search engine when looking for event ticket sales so the trick is to get a site ranking at the top of Google. One of the best ways to do this is by filtering keywords into the text or by using phrases in the following places:

  • in the title tag of the page
  • in the meta description of the page
  • in at least one header tag on the page
  • in image Alt-tag text that appears on the page
  • in the URL for the page

Becoming an expert SEO wordsmith is key to building keywords and phrases that will get results.

Quality and Originality

Make sure the website is original and full of quality content. Google (and other search engines) rank based on authoritative and trustworthy websites.

Create expert SEO content with specific keywords and phrases in mind and use them multiple times, but not too many. Google also penalizes websites for using too many keywords.

Be comprehensive and absolutely do not publish duplicate content. Google will also penalize websites for duplicating content and may even ban the site from search results altogether.

Keep the content fresh and entertaining. A blog is a good way to always publish new content. For example, a post about Cleveland Cavaliers tickets when they’re about to go on sale is a good way to boost rankings.

Mobile Friendly

Much of today’s web traffic occurs via mobile devices, so it’s imperative to maintain a website that is also mobile friendly. To do this, use expert SEO optimization techniques as follows:

  • website uses a responsive design including mobile friendly
  • pages load quickly
  • website doesn’t use pop-ups or Flash
  • website doesn’t block images such as Java

Review and test the website on both computer browser and mobile tech to ensure everything is working correctly on both ends.

Extra Expert SEO Tips

Security is also a minor ranking signal according to Google wherein using an SSL certificate with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” in the URL tells Google that the website is safe and secure, thereby, boosting rankings.

A security certificate is also important in protecting the website from third parties and authenticating communications from website to server.

Overall, ranking on search engines takes a little time and effort, but in the end it’s all worth it when a website makes it to the first page of search results.

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