Wedding Marketing: Savvy Ideas for Wedding Planner Sites

wedding marketing

If you’re in the wedding planning business, you know how competitive it can be.

Having a wedding marketing strategy is key to standing out in this industry. Clients are looking for the best wedding planning service for their money – and you know you can give that to them. It’s all about the right marketing strategy to help them see that too.

Put yourself ahead of the competition with these savvy wedding marketing ideas. Get your name out there with great marketing, and you’ll have more customers in no time!

4 Fresh Wedding Marketing Ideas

1. Have a Sale

Obviously, you know the value of what you do, and it’s important to get paid well for your hard work.

However, weddings are very expensive events, and if a bride or groom knows they can save money with you, they might be more likely to spring for your services.

Have a limited-time sale to help draw in some new clientele. Give a reasonable discount that both the customers and you will be happy with. You’ll be surprised at how much attention a sale or special deal on your website can get.

2. Clean Up Your Image

The wedding industry is very image-focused. It’s all about the dress, the flowers, the decorations, and the little visual details that make the moment unique. Does your marketing plan reflect that?

On your site and in any other marketing you do, you need to have professional, high-quality images that also speak to the uniqueness of each wedding.

No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding day: they want it to be special. Use beautiful images to show all the different ways you can help make that happen. Show images from a wedding unity sand ceremony, and then show images from a rugged outdoor wedding with Mason jars and hay bales. Give variety, so that customers will know you can customize for them.

3. Streamline Your Site

Just as with the photos and videos you feature, the rest of your site should be streamlined to be as visually pleasing as possible.

No one wants to see a busy, confusing site with too many colors and not enough focus. People often stress about their weddings. You can show the way you will help them destress by having a clean, simple website that’s relaxing to look at.

Try using plenty of white space and soft, neutral colors to make your site more appealing. Use visual branding – choose the colors and fonts that represent your brand, and stick with them. From your site to your business cards to your ads, everything should reflect that clean, attractive brand.

4. Get Reviews

People are more likely to trust you with their wedding day if they’ve heard good things.

Having a solid list of good reviews goes a long way toward attracting new customers. After a successful wedding, ask the bride or the couple if they’d be willing to write a testimonial for your site, or to post something positive on a popular wedding review site.

Get Savvy Now

With these savvy wedding marketing ideas, you can make your marketing strategy much more successful and draw in new customers in no time. It’s all about showing them that you have what they’re looking for in a wedding planner!

Once you’re put these strategies into place, go one step further by boosting your site’s SEO. Check out our tips here – we’ll show you how.