5 Seo Solutions to Help IT Websites Rank

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Once upon a time, companies relied on television and billboard advertisements. But since the debut and surge of the internet, lead generation has changed forever.

How a company ranks in search engine results is a measure of its success – or lack thereof.

SEO dominates modern marketing. And SEO solutions help companies improve their website rankings and generate more customers.

With competition growing, successful IT companies need their websites to rank better.

Luckily, SEO isn’t as complicated as it seems. Here are 5 of the best SEO practices for IT companies to generate more leads and get their websites to rank better..

1. Improve Site Performance

Performance is one of the main things that Google considers when it ranks sites. Performance entails web speed, traffic volume, design, and much more.

Websites with slower load times and errors rank lower than those that load quickly. Google also favors websites that update their content frequently.

Next, take a look at the website’s URL. Is it readable and memorable? Does it use a top-level domain, like “.com” or “.net”?

URL’s rank worse if they’re hard to read, use hyphens, or don’t have a top-level domain.

Another thing to look at is how the website performs on mobile devices. Mobile searches are on the rise, which is increasing the need for mobile websites.

2. Implement Web Analysis & Development

There are a couple great ways to help a website perform better.

Google Analytics is a useful free web analytics service. It provides several statistics on site performance. For example, it looks at how viewers came upon a website and which keywords they searched for.

Free web analytics services are great for IT companies on a budget. But ultimately, web development companies know how to analyze and come up with the best SEO solutions.

Web designers can make a website look better and run better. And their content team can make the website more useful and appealing.

3. Build Optimized Content

Creating a website that looks good and loads fast is only the first step to drawing in an audience.

People care about content more. So, it helps to feature a blog that provides a space for content development.

It helps to analyze the audience and get a feel for what they’re interested in. Analyzing the audience also helps to compile keywords.

Keywords should appear in both web pages and blog content. Keywords help websites rank higher and to generate more viewers.

IT companies should focus and use local keywords. These are keywords that are specific to an area.

For example, New England Network Solutions features keywords like “Boston IT services”. They do this because their customer base is people who need IT services and live in and around Boston.

People want to enjoy what they’re reading. And they want to leave a website with newly acquired information or awareness of a company.

4. Use Social Media

Nearly all companies across all industries use social media. So, IT companies should use social media as one of their SEO solutions.

There are tons of platforms and social media strategies. But which platforms are best for IT companies?

For starters, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B companies. IT companies that create or are looking to create video content should use YouTube.

Facebook is the standard social media platform for sharing blog content and news. Instagram is the next best platform for sharing news through hashtags and photos.

IT companies should also list their location, hours, and contact on online directories. There’s Google My Business, Foursquare, and Yellow Pages.

Social media has forever altered the way people communicate. And it’s also changed the way companies market to new and existing customers.

5. Integrate Backlinks

Google favors websites that link to other websites.

They especially favor sites with quality links to reputable and high-traffic sites.

Companies can acquire backlinks a number of ways. They can appear in guest posts, press releases, internal links, and more.

SEO Solutions for Better Ranking IT Websites

More people around the world are using search engines to find products and services. With that, SEO is only growing in prominence.

IT companies are on the rise with the progression of technology and the internet. They’ll need SEO more than other industries. And they need SEO now!

Google is always changing its PageRank algorithm. So, SEO solutions are always changing and advancing. Stay tuned to Site Report Card for innovative ways for IT companies to improve SEO results!