3 Unique Digital Marketing Tactics for a Law Firm

digital marketing tactics

In today’s fast-paced world, digital marketing is critical for just about any type of business. With more than 71% of consumers using the internet to search for services and products, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

As a law firm, you can leverage digital marketing tactics to grow your business and attract new clients. Plus, it’s possible to build trust and engagement with potential clients by just using an effective marketing strategy.

In this post, we’re going to share some marketing statics that you need to include in your plan.

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1. Leverage Facebook Ads

Social media is big, and it’s here for the long term. With Facebook ads, you can easily build and grow your firm awareness. This social media giant has over 2 billion monthly active users, and it offers powerful ads to help you get your message out there.

With the ads, you can target specific clients that your firm needs. For example, you can narrow your target audience by age, gender, location, interests and more. Ideally, this allows you to place your ads in front of the people you want.

This is great especially if you’re targeting local clients who are in need of legal services. You can use Facebook ads to market specific services, such as workplace injury or motorcycle injury law, to improve your lead generation.

2. Power with Local SEO

Local SEO is what you need to power your site and improve your SERPs rankings.

With this technique, you can increase your site traffic from potential local clients. One great way to start is by targeting specific keywords that your prospective audience may search for online, and use those in your digital content.

For instance, if you’re a personal injury lawyer like Stephen Babcock and based in Baton Rouge, you can have a keyword such as “personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge.”

Use this keyword in various spots on your site, include title and meta description. It should also be included in your service page’s Permalink exactly as it is. When creating page content and blog posts, you’ll also need to use it sparingly.

By using the keyword together with your location, you’re improving the chances of being found by people looking for your service.

The good thing about local SEO is that it’s measurable. You can see your performance and traffic sources to help you make sound marketing decisions.

3. Optimize for Mobile Traffic

Nowadays, people are looking for services on the go. Millions of people are using mobile to finding services online.

So, you want to ensure that your firm’s website is mobile-friendly and responsive. Google favors sites that are mobile-frindly as they offer better user experience. You can have the best team of lawyers, but your website could be missing the key features to convert visitors into clients.

Make sure that your forms are easy to fill and submit. Your mobile navigation should also be easy to access. Also, the mobile site should provide all the relevant details that are available on the desktop view.

Digital Marketing Tactics: The Takeaway

The internet has transformed the legal industry. Law firms are now using creative ways to marketing their services and connect with clients online.

With these digital marketing tactics, you can help your firm generate more leads. Being consistent is the key to being successful online. So, ensure to monitor and analyze your results when working with these ideas.

Do you have any other ideas about how law firms can boost their digital marketing strategies? Let us know in the comments!