Digital Marketing SEO: 5 Misconceptions to Know About

digital marketing seo

The world of digital marketing SEO will have changed by the time I finish writing this sentence.

Things move that quickly. As such, there’s a lot of people out there who are doing the wrong thing.

These things might have been right a little while ago. Maybe even a year ago. But Google is constantly changing the game, to get more in line with what users do.

So with that in mind, here are five misconceptions about digital marketing SEO that thousands of people believe.

1. Keyword Density

You can go ahead and just remove the phrase ‘keyword density’ from your vocabulary.

A lot of experts have pointed to the death of keyword density as you knew it. Google isn’t really factoring that in anymore. It’s more about how you use keywords, not how often you use them. Which is how it should be.

Because a lot of people wedge and stuff their keywords into where they don’t belong, there’s no reason for it to hurt your writing anymore.

2. Link Farms Help Your Digital Marketing SEO

Some people are still relying on these link farms, and we hope you’re not one of them.

The Google Penguin update now seeks out and punishes these links, recognizing that they don’t offer any real value to searchers. So if you’ve used them in the past, get rid of them.

The only value now comes from legitimate, relevant, and quality links.

3. PPC Helps SEO

Does buying pap-per-click ads help your search engine authorization? Contrary to popular belief, it does not. These are two different sciences that require two different approaches.

They can work well together, but keep in mind there is a distinction between the two. One is paying for keyword visibility, the other is organically earning a keyword ranking.

4. Quantity Trumps Quality

This is not the case. Publishing large quantities of low-quality content will hurt your marketing in the long run.

Google is now looking at the level of engagement that your content provides the user. For example, are you answering the question? Or are they just pogo sticking off your site, unsatisfied, in three seconds?

These factors will elevate a piece of good content far more than publishing a high number of mediocre stories ever could.

5. Exact Match Keywords Are Important

This is a pretty recent change that will help you, and unshackle your ability to write for human beings, instead of robots. You no longer have to worry about constantly (and awkwardly) having to repeat an exact match keyword in your content.

As Google said it best, “Whether someone is searching for ‘running shoes’ or ‘shoes for running,’ what they want remains the same; they’re looking for running shoes.”

They added, “You shouldn’t have to build out exhaustive keyword lists to reach these customers, and now you don’t have to.”

These are just some of the changes you should be aware of to succeed in digital marketing SEO today.

You need to work with someone who stays on top of all these updates and actually sees them coming before they arrive.

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