5 SEO Tips to Bring Traffic to Your Lifestyle Blog

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As a lifestyle blogger, you know that creating content is only half the battle. The true work comes with drawing attention to your posts.

That’s where SEO comes in. It may sound intimidating and complex, but you’ll come to find it’s not too bad.

SEO is the force that drives your search engine results. But, as with any great force, it relies on another being to be pushed forward. This force is you!

So, let’s get started. Here are our 5 best SEO strategies for drawing attention to your lifestyle blog.

1. Yoast It Up

If you use WordPress, you need to be utilizing one of their key functions: Yoast. Yoast is a marvelous tool for optimizing traffic from Google and Bing.

This plugin provides a preview of your content from a search result page prior to publishing. It allows you to see areas of strength and weakness, and it even offers corrections to make.

Yoast will point out whether your title or description is too long or short. It’ll even show if your meta description makes sense in its respective context.

All in all, Yoast is intended to find SEO errors that most of us are bound to make.

2. Use Subheadings

Search engine sites, especially Google, look for subheadings for images. Why? Because it shows that your post is properly structured.

Sure, not every post is going to require or even look great with a subheading. If it looks absolutely ridiculous, feel free to skip.

But, you should try and incorporate sub headings under your images as much as possible.

3. Get That Word Count Up

One of the best, yet more time consuming, tips for boosting traffic is creating longer posts. Longer posts allow you to use your keyword more.

If you manage a lifestyle blog on the side, it can be difficult to write super long articles every day. For that, we recommend using daily planners for 2018 so you can set aside time for longer posts.

At minimum, you should be putting out 500-word articles. But always push for more when possible!

4. Pick Your Keywords Wisely

Upon writing any post, you know you need to do your research. But, there’s one thing to look out for that you may haven’t thought of before.

Pick a keyword that’s not used in 10,000 other articles. Yes, that’s easier said than done but research will show you what you’re up against.

Give yourself a slight advantage. Use relevant keywords, but not ones that are going to keep you from ever making it to the front search page.

5. Your Lifestyle Blog Content Needs to be GOOD

Lastly, we’re going to wrap this up with something so obvious that it shouldn’t need to be said. But, with the amount of bloggers out there, it’s worth mentioning.

It’s easy to get caught up with getting your content seen and read by the audience. But, this often leads to bloggers forgetting their purpose along the way.

They put out mediocre posts and optimize the heck out of them- just to gain traffic. Sure, you may receive the attention you want.

But, just know readers can sniff out a quality post and one that’s intended for views. Remember why you are doing this and that over everything else, you want your content to be good. After all, your name is the one attached to the site.

Let’s Wrap Things Up…

Creating a lifestyle blog may be challenging, but the reward is worth the risk. You have the opportunity to share your voice.

Use that voice to talk about whatever you want!

And, if you want to see how your site is performing, then check out our Site Report Card! In 15 seconds, you’ll receive a free web analysis to learn more about your lifestyle blog.