5 SEO Solutions to Bring Traffic to Your Tech Website

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In 2015, it was estimated that the average lifespan of a website was only about 100 days, which was actually up from the late 1990s.

If you want your website to outlast the competition and beat that average, one thing you need to do is implement a strong SEO strategy.

And you should know that SEO is no longer just about keywords. Search engine algorithms change for a variety of reasons, and so being aware of current SEO best practices is crucial for website success.

Below, we’re exploring five SEO solutions that you can implement to generate more traffic to your technology website.

1. Create Content for Critical Readers

The way that people consume the Internet and the things they value in a site is becoming more sophisticated. Web users are no longer willing to accept canned content as the best the Internet has to offer, and search engines won’t give high rankings to sites that people don’t like.

As you’re creating new content for your site, keep in mind that an actual person will be reading it and ask yourself if they’ll find value in it. If not, it’s not worth posting.

2. A Site Audit can Result in SEO Solutions

Part of knowing where you need to improve on your SEO strategy comes from understanding what you already do well and what you can do better.

An SEO audit of your site can reveal critical weaknesses that may be currently holding your site back from reaching its traffic potential. Rather than wasting time with trial and error, conduct an SEO audit and get straight to root of the problem so you can get to work on the solution.

3. Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Of all the SEO solutions that can improve your site traffic, this one is often forgotten but so important.

There are lots of reasons that someone may be accessing your technology site on their phone instead of on a computer. They could be in the process of completing their routerlogin, or may have an Internet problem that they’re trying to troubleshoot.

No matter the reason, the important thing is that, once they get to your landing page, they’ll be able to find the information they need just as easily as they would from their computer. If not, your SEO ranking will suffer.

4. Borrow from Your Competition

If you want to win the Internet, you need to have as much information as possible when preparing an SEO strategy. You should never directly steal or plagiarize from a competitor, but you should be aware of what a competing site is up to.

Spend some time doing industry research by reading competitor’s sites, and see what you can determine about their strengths and weaknesses. Are there certain keywords that they’ve used over and over again, and is there room for you to incorporate them into your site? Do they have seamless navigation, and should you consider updating yours?

You can’t beat out your competitors for rankings or web traffic without first understanding what their strategy is.

5. Ask For External Links

Getting a well-ranked site with high domain authority to link back to your content is a great way to give your site a boost. Spend some time coming up with a list of sites to approach, and then go to them with your ask.

Don’t just throw a dart at a wall and expect it to stick, though. Before you approach a site, make sure your content will make sense for their readers and vice versa. You want to be able to offer to link to their content from your site in turn.

Ready to Generate Traffic?

A great SEO strategy starts with a great website. Implementing these solutions will increase the value of your website for users, which, in turn, can generate more traffic and boost your overall rating.

Ready to get started, or curious about more ways to improve your site? Contact us today!