How to Find SEO Keywords for Vape Marketing

vape marketing

Understanding SEO for vape marketing can sound intimidating at first.

There is a whole world of online resources available to boost your search presence and get people in your shop. But, how do you know where to start?

The best strategy to focus on first is choosing the right keywords. Most people think keywords are only useful for bidding in PPC campaigns, but they are the foundation of SEO as well.

To learn how to best find and use the right keywords for your vape shop, check out our tips below.

1. Understand Short vs. Long-Tail Keywords

Short keywords are phrases containing three words or less.

Due to this restriction, they tend to be general terms. This is because they are typically the first thing that come to mind when people search for something in your industry.

For vaping, it may be a common phrase like “best vaping oils” or “local vape shops.” This is open to many different competitors, but some are still worth including in your SEO strategy.

Long-tail keywords are more specific.

They can narrow down the search for both the user and advertiser. It helps consumers find you based on details they might already know they want, like “best vaping oils for use before bed.”

For the best results, use a combination of short and long-tail keywords.

2. Know Your Resources

Once you know the basics of how keywords are set up, you can start searching for the right ones to use.

There are online tools in place to help you get started, like Keyword Planner and Free Keyword Tool.

Keyword Planner is Google’s collection of algorithms tied together in one complete SEO package. It knows everything from the most common keywords in your industry to the peak times of day people are searching them.

Plus, you can make changes or test keywords in real-time for PPC.

Free Keyword Tool is made by WordStream. It provides a full range of possible keywords based on your industry and country. This tool is fairly new, and sometimes not every result will be relevant, but it does help you understand what’s out there.

3. Write for Consumers, Not Robots

After choosing the keywords you want to start your SEO strategy with, it’s time to get writing.

Create good, relevant content for your blog, landing pages, and social media. Have a plan to post it consistently, and keep creating more and more new things.

However, don’t just post something for the sake of the keyword. Search engine algorithms can tell when you’re adding keywords where they don’t fit or aren’t useful.

4. Compare to the Competition

As much as you need to focus on your best vape marketing strategy, take the time to check what your competitors are doing, too.

Are they linking for consumers to learn more about their products? Do they align their messaging across social media and online blogs?

The answers to these questions may spark ideas you have yet to think of. Plus, it double-checks your efforts to make sure you are on track with the vaping industry and local shops.

5. Test Keywords Everywhere

When all your keyword strategies are ready to go and you’ve taken a peek at what the competition is doing, it’s time to test their results.

Remember, SEO can take more time than PPC campaigns. Be patient, yet alert.

You should start to notice an increase in traffic and conversions both online and in-shop within the first month. Other good signs will be increased interaction on social media and consumers spending longer time on your landing pages.

Take Your Vape Marketing to Higher Levels

We saved the best SEO tip for last – don’t do it alone!

When it comes to anything from choosing keywords to writing new content, get a second opinion from the experts.

Hire a team of professionals to take your SEO efforts to the next level. They are like your insurance policy for vape marketing, and it gives you more time to focus on improving your products and services.

Discover the difference SEO services can make.

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