5 Spa Marketing Strategies Online That Boost Profits

spa marketing

Getting people through the door of your business is not as easy as it once was.

You may have the best spa in town, but if you don’t have the online presence to match it, potential clients can’t find you.

Although running a spa is not the same as spa marketing, there are some easy ways to get started.

Here are five simple ways to boost your online performance and in-store profits.

1. Analyze Competitors

The first thing you have to understand is if you are only beginning to use online marketing, you have some catching up to do.

Take a peek at your competitor’s websites.

Make note of the kind of language they use and how easy it is to navigate different pages. Check if they have a blog, or are featured on well-known industry sites.

Also, search their brand on engines like Google or Yahoo.

It should only take you a few minutes to complete this step, but it offers endless insights to what your spa marketing should like like.

2. Use Search Strategies

Searching for other brands is most useful when trying to picture how users search for you. It can help you understand the world of keywords for PPC and SEO strategies.

These are a must for performing well online.

If you want immediate results, start a PPC campaign as soon as possible. For long-term, in-depth strategies, use SEO.

SEO makes up in brand recognition and cost, what it lacks in instant results.

It is a way of building a complete campaign between search strategies, landing pages, and social media. This is because the keywords you use for improving your search engine results are the foundation of every other copy you create.

3. Create Good Content

Speaking of creating content, be prepared to consistently push new material.

Your content has to be aligned with all your online channels, which is why knowing your keywords is crucial. The same keywords you use for SEO copy have to be displayed on your landing pages.

This is how search engine algorithms know your keywords are relevant, and how they match you to user searches.

Search engines also use frequency to determine matches, meaning you have to post consistently. Your creativity shines the most here. It’s how you get users engaged by being at the front of their minds as much as possible.

4. Start The Conversation

Another way to hook potential clients is to create an email or newsletter opt-in, which can be as simple as displaying a form and saying “click here“.

A weekly email campaign increases the potential of more clients making appointments each month. It is a personal, direct way of staying connected to your audience.

You can customize emails to make everyone feel special, or use the newsletter as a way to build loyalty points and offer prizes. The more initiatives you give, the more people will buy-in.

5. Get Social

If emails aren’t your thing, make sure to utilize social media! Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are valuable spa marketing tools you should already be using.

They are a direct way of being transparent and welcoming with your audience. Social media is your place to show off the personality of your spa.

Use it to feature clients or employees, share events or specials, and more!

Boost Your Online Spa Marketing Efforts

One more tip – consult the professionals.

Think about it this way: not everyone who comes to your spa knows much about skin or body treatments. In a similar way, the online world does not expect you to understand everything about spa marketing.

Luckily, there are SEO specialists out there ready to give your performance the boost it needs.

Contact us today to discuss marketing strategies and tips and get ready for more clients coming into your spa!