Bar Marketing: Why Your Bar Needs to Use Local SEO

bar marketing

Many business owners have heard of local SEO but their bar marketing team thought it was just for tech companies.

It’s not!

Local SEO is now an essential tool for bringing customers into any establishment. Instead of having to know the name of a bar, users can now type “bar near me” into Google.

Think of how much more traffic that would get you. At least some of those searches would turn into new customers — maybe even new regulars!

Adding in local SEO strategies isn’t as hard as people think. Keep reading to learn more reasons to use local SEO in your bar marketing.

Google Likes It

Google is big on self-promotion. They feature businesses with a Google My Business page higher than those without.

These pages are like a Google Plus profile, but for a business. It’s where customers can find a business, their hours, phone number and address.

Since Google pulls up all this information, the consumer doesn’t have to search through a site. Setting up a Google My Business page is the first step to getting local search results for your bar.

The more complete a Google My Business page is, the better off your bar will be.

The Right Keywords Matter

Part of local SEO is setting up the right keywords. These are the phrases that people search for when they are collecting information about a certain market. There are a few stages.

First, the consumer will Google something general like, “best bars in London” to collect general information. This is usually in the planning phases. They’re gathering information that they’ll get more specific on later. Some sources call these “informational keywords“.

When results from the informational search come up, listings for businesses will come with it. The consumer will click around, but not make any solid decisions. However, those business names are now in their mind.

When they’re ready to make a more specific search, they’ll recognize the results they saw last time. If someone searches “London Bars by Picadilly Circus”, that’s called an intent keyword, since it leads to action. If the results of the intent keyword search show result from the previous search, they’ll be more likely to try that bar.

Businesses get in customers’ consciousness with general searches, then convert with high rankings on more specific searches. If the Toy Room Guestlist shows up in both an informational and specific search, it’ll surely get the visit!

SEO Keeps Reviews Easily Accessible

A local business with a strong marketing campaign and good service should constantly be requesting good reviews. The more good reviews they have, the higher Google will rank that listing. People will see the stars before they even see a name.

Staying high up on the rankings will get anyone more in-person conversions. With more clients, they’ll have more people to write positive reviews. It’s a full circle process.

SEO for Bar Marketing

Using a local SEO strategy for marketing efforts has high ROI. Whatever is spent on setting up the Google page and optimizing a website will come back in client conversions. No need to wonder if it’s working, teams can track its success with Google analytics.

Want to know where a site’s SEO game is at now? Use our free report card tool to see how far there is to go.