SEO Tips to Boost Traffic to Your Marijuana Website

marijuana website

In the U.S. and abroad the cannabis industry is big, and getting bigger.

How big? The industry pulls in a massive $20 billion yearly and is expected to rise to $70 billion by 2021, according to data from Marijuana Business Daily.

That means your marijuana website has more competition than ever and that’s only going to increase for the foreseeable future.

Here are a few SEO tips to boost your traffic today and future-proof your business.

1. Study Your Niche

Before getting into SEO nitty-gritty, it’s critical to identify and closely study your particular target niche. “Marijuana store” or “head shop” is too broad.

Whether you’re selling bongs and hand pipes like Brothers with Glass or selling edibles and oil. It’s critical to check out the competition and then check obtainable keywords using tools like Google’s free Keyword Planner.

Even if your marijuana website sells a large variety of marijuana-related products, it’s a good idea to build out your SEO with lower competition niches within your site and build ranking that way.

2. Have a Killer Content Strategy

Doing your research in your niche will help you develop a great content strategy.

Develop an identity through your site and social media that followers want to hang out with and learn from.

Identity, quality, and engagement will keep people choosing your brand over someone else’s offering the same product and this is just as important for SEO as any other aspect of your brand.

3. Create Smart Traffic Drivers

Your content strategy will help define how you drive traffic but ground your strategy in traffic drivers your audience wants.

Build links through blog posts. Promote links to those posts through social media.

Leverage your email list to let them know about your dope content.

Get more email signups through social and your website. Create offers for signing up and additional offers that reward loyal followers and your email list.

The cycle not only drives traffic but helps keep traffic coming back, building your marijuana website’s authority.

4. Employ Solid Internal Link Structure

This is a little SEO inside baseball but critical for success.

Make sure that when you’re building out pages on your site you’re also using anchor text that links to the rest of your marijuana website.

This is especially important for your blog, which should link back to relevant pages as well as other blog posts.

This helps Google and other search engines know that your site has breadth and depth and is easy for users to navigate, all which aid your search engine ranking.

5. Chill out and Be Patient

Even once you’ve done all of the above it still takes time to build search credibility and start ranking. Relax.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Keep publishing. Keep letting keyword research inform your editorial. The traffic will come.

You’ve got this.

Optimize Your Marijuana Website for SEO Opportunities

The best product and marketing plan, however, is no good if your website isn’t up to snuff. Check yours out today with our free SEO audit tool.