Essential Tips for Designing Your Holiday Themed Site

holiday site

Are you getting ready to start designing your holiday site? Doing so can be a great way to get into the seasonal spirit!

The key is to utilize the same tools that you used to create your current site, then just add a touch or two of holiday flair.

By keeping the design simple, you can ensure that your site looks and works the same way that it always has, but offers up a little festivity.

Today we’re discussing a few tips to follow when designing your holiday site.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

1. Make Subtle Color Changes

Consider “cooling down” your website color scheme for the holiday season.

Blues, purples and dark greens evoke a wintery feel. If you want to bring forth a color scheme that’s more cheerful and jolly, add in small touches of red and green.

You can also change the color of small elements such as buttons. If you have a “Holiday” page on your navigation menu, promote it in a subtle way by highlighting it in a festive shade.

2. Add Ornate Lettering

This is a really easy way to create that holiday feeling without overhauling your website design.

Change out some of your current fonts for ornate typography with classic lines that offer a traditional feel. This simple change will go a long way toward setting the mood of your holiday site. Fanciful occasions call for fancy fonts, so feel free to get a little creative here!

3. Use Winter-Themed Photography

There are some really bad holiday stock photos out there. Try to avoid them if you can!

A successful holiday design will incorporate images that go beyond standard pumpkins, candy canes and wrapped presents.

Winter-themed photography works especially well as an alternative. Think about the imagery that adorns holiday cards you get in the mail. Click here for some inspirational examples.

Many cards use images with a snowy landscape, kids playing in the snow, or snowflakes gently falling. Photos like this on your website are perfect for the season without representing a specific holiday.

4. Emphasize Holiday Promotions

If you’re offering special deals or products to entice users, highlight them by adding subtle holiday elements like textures or illustrations.

You can also consider altering your navigational menu to easily direct users to this promotion. You can even create a landing page specifically reserved for your special, seasonal deals.

5. Research Current Trends

Get additional inspiration by checking out what other sites are doing to produce solid designs and successfully form brand-user relationships.

Then, add your own take on the holiday.

There’s a lot of online competition during the holidays, so find what makes your brand unique and apply that emphasis to your holiday design.

6. Make Sure Your Holiday Site is Mobile-Friendly

During the holidays, users want the least stressful shopping experience possible. Many will do their shopping on their phones or other devices while they’re on the go.

To ensure that your mobile site that is fast and user-friendly, eliminate extraneous design elements. This is where subtly really matters in your holiday design.

Include the most vital information, and make calls-to-action festive, but simple to execute and easy to click.

Enjoy The Holidays!

As you plan your holiday site design strategy, don’t forget to prepare your site for higher-than-normal traffic. You definitely don’t want your site to go down while you’re doing great business.

Embrace simplicity in your design.

If you have questions about SEO strategies that can help you bring in even more traffic, contact us! We’re happy to help.