5 Benefits of Hiring a Local SEO Expert for Your Parenting Website

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You’re probably vaguely familiar with SEO, as it’s been circulating the web for a while.

It’s gained a lot of traction in the past few years, especially as of late due to frequent updates within search engine systems.

Running a parenting website is already a challenging marketing job. You have the task of appealing to all parents, not just certain ‘targets’ as most industries do.

So, while you take those other jobs head-on, you should let your SEO worries fall on a specialist.

Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a local SEO expert for your parenting site.

1. Build Reader Base

There’s a great saying about not using SEO. “It’s like throwing a party without sending invitations”.

What that translates to is you’re putting out great content for parents. But, what’s the point of sharing those mommy tips if you’re not getting anyone to read them?

SEO fixes that. By putting in the work that’s needed, your parenting website can soar through the rankings. It’ll help you land higher on search engine pages.

2. NAP

We’re not talking about the kind your little one fights you on. (Or, the one we all desperately wish we still had.)

NAP is your name, address, and phone number. These factors come into play when it comes to online listings and directories.

A local SEO expert will ensure that each listing applicable to you has your information posted. That will also help generate more traffic to your page.

3. Build Your Social Brand

A large part of SEO is making sure you’re in a good place through social media. They may not be the ones to call for picking out which picture of your child is the best to post.

But, they will make sure you’re getting links shared to and from your page. They’ll also help monitor your social reviews which can impact rankings. Search engines prefer sites with higher reviews.

4. A Local SEO Expert is Well, Local

One of the biggest reasons to go local is to have someone in your vicinity to work with. You don’t have to worry about long-winded emails and coordinating Skype calls at strange hours.

Instead, you’ll have someone who can take the time to really get to know your parenting site. This helps individualize the experience.

5. Familiarity

They know the area, which may mean they have a better understanding of your target. If your audience is mom and dads specific to your area, then bam! You’re covered.

But, if you have a much broader target like many, that’s okay, too. They’re trained professionals who understand how to reach people from all over.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

So, all in all, we recommend working with a local SEO expert. They’re able to offer you the knowledge and convenience that other brands can’t provide.

Are you still deciding if you need to onboard someone? Well, let’s see how your parenting site is currently performing! Use our Site Report Card to get a free analysis of your SEO efforts.

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