6 Lawyer SEO Tips That Will Win You Clients and Cases

lawyer seo

Is it possible for clients to hire a lawyer that they don’t know exists?

The answer is an obvious “no.”

A firm has to be visible to survive. In the digital age, visibility comes from ranking high in search engine results.

Now, 95% of all web traffic goes to search results on the first page. Without a solid plan for lawyer SEO, a firm can find itself fighting for 5% of customers.

That’s not a good business plan.

For practices that no longer want to fight for internet scraps, here are six tips that will help take a lawyer website to the next level.

1. Think Local for Lawyer SEO

Google and other search engines show local results first. The reasoning behind this is simple: Most people in Portland don’t want a lawyer in Kansas. They’re looking for a local firm.

How can firms rank higher on local searchers? First, use Google Places for business. It verifies a firm so that it will show up on maps and local results.

Second, lawyers should go to Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo, and claim their business. Claiming it will allow them to respond to reviews, which they should do, whether good or bad.

Engagement shows clients that your firm cares, which influences someone to choose them over a competitor.

2. Have Good Content

People are always looking for new information online. Think about how many people have Googled what to do if they get a speeding ticket.

If a firm has a blog, it can answer that question for them.

The process of selecting topics for a blog involves figuring out what people are searching for and writing about it. This content builds customer relations and search engine visibility.

3. Do Keyword Research

A little research goes a long way in the SEO world. Knowing what people are searching for helps make content stand out to search engines.

For example, a firm may perform research and find that people are searching for the phrase “lawyer SEO.” That phrase can then become a keyword in a new article they create.

That keyword should be in the article four to five times, letting Google know that information about the subject is here. Google then points searchers to their blog, increasing the firm’s SEO score.

4. Be Social

Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools for a lawyer. Social media sites are increasingly influencing where people do business.

Reviews and recommendations on these sites lead clients to a law firm. Social media is a great way to share the content from a blog, as well.

5. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Use

Google has changed its rules so that websites must be usable on mobile devices. In other words, a page has to be easy to browse on a cell phone or tablet.

Google has a website that tests a page for mobile optimization. Try it for yourself and see how yours performs!

6. Use Video

Video searches are taking over search results. A law firm that posts videos explaining what they do and new laws has an advantage over their competitors.

One great tip is to post a two-minute welcome video on a homepage. Introducing potential clients to a law firm through video personalizes the business to new searches.

Use the Proper Tools

Doing any job right requires knowing what tools to use. Here at SiteReportCard, all the tools needed to build SEO rankings are in one place.

Start by using the free SEO audit tool. This tool shows how well a site is doing. It only takes a minute and will help any firm improve its visibility!