Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Design For Alternative Medicine Websites

mobile friendly design

It’s sad but true: the days of the desktop computer are over.

Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you look someone is staring at their phone?

That’s because mobile browsing now accounts for 60% of all time spent on digital media.

For this tech-savvy generation, mobile friendly design is a MUST.

Ordering from your local restaurant. Shopping for new shoes. Buying airline tickets. Even booking your doctor’s appointments

Of all internet users, 66% have searched for health-related topics online. That makes Health the 3rd most popular search topic online.

Alternative treatments are increasing in popularity as people become frustrated with conventional medicine. It’s important to make sure your business is equipped with a mobile-friendly strategy.

Gaining Access to a New Audience

Health is a very important trend on the internet. You see the influence in cooking, fitness, and even medical search results.

But how does your business capitalize on the growing interest?

Here are some strategies to increase your Mobile User Acquisition:

Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to attract customers. If someone is on their phone most likely they are on a Social Media site. These users find businesses they trust and follow them online. This gives you constant contact with potential customers.

Web to App

Research shows a direct correlation between top websites and the success of their mobile Apps. Steering users from your site to your App seamlessly will help increase your mobile business. Create clear links so customers can easily find your App.

Let’s take this Hypnosis site for example:

Hypnosis101 Ericksonian Hypnosis is a great resource to learn about this highly effective method. They also pass Google’s mobile friendly design test with flying colors.

Just keep your eye out for these common blogging mistakes.

Mobile Friendly Design

You might ask yourself how you achieve mobile-ready sites. Did you know that having a website that is not mobile-friendly lowers your Google ranking?

That’s not good for business. Customers will abandon your website if it doesn’t function well on their mobile device.

What can you do to fix it though?

Check out examples of quality Mobile SEO:

Site Speed: attention spans are decreasing. Don’t let a slow loading site be the reason a potential customer leaves. “Time to first byte” or TTFB should be 3 seconds or less to maintain a good ranking.

Usability: A website might work brilliantly on a desktop. But that’s no guarantee mobile will perform the same. It’s important to test all your menus, links, and clickable content.

Content: Quality writing is important for marketing and SEO purposes. This is even more important for mobile sites because customer reviews influence your ranking.

Join the Generation

Mobile friendly design is imperative to a company’s success. And a growing interest in Alternative Medicine offers new opportunities to reach a larger audience.

When old ways of operating are challenged we must keep current with the new reality.

If you’re ready to streamline your mobile business site Contact us! There’s a whole new generation waiting to hear your story.