5 Key Brand Monitoring Tips for an Adult Business

brand monitoring

Online adult businesses generate over 14 billion dollars a year.

That’s a lot of money to lose due to a poor online reputation.

One of the best ways to guarantee success in the adult industry is brand monitoring. Knowing what customers think about a brand helps businesses take proactive steps to improve.

Here are five tips that will save you time and keep your customers coming back for more.

1. Brand Monitoring With Search Engine Keywords

People use Google and other search engines to look for information every day. A company can find out what people are wondering by checking search suggestions.

When someone begins to type a phrase into Google or Bing, the suggestions that pop up are the most popular searches at that time.

For example, if a searcher types in Lovesita escort girl, Google might suggest “Is Lovesita escort girls legit.” This phrase is what people search for about the company.

That information lets their company know how some people view their brand. A new messaging campaign can correct that view.

2. Use BoardReader To See What Others Are Saying

Message boards can be brutal. Commenters on these pages tend to hold nothing back.

The lack of decorum is bad for feelings but great for business and brand monitoring. The brutal honesty on these boards gives companies invaluable information.

There are tools to manage a brand’s image and track these comments.

One of these tools, Boardreader, scans message boards for comments about brands. It’s a specialized search engine that saves employees hours of time searching through web pages.

3. Be Consistent

Brand monitoring can be hard at first because of the things disgruntled customers say.

After reading negative comments, there’s a natural urge to change branding strategy.

Don’t do this.

Branding requires consistency. Don’t change the message, make minor tweaks to the delivery of it. If a business isn’t living up to the ideals the brand represents, changing it won’t fix the problem.

The most successful companies pick a brand and stay on message, especially when things get tough.

4. Use Google Alerts

Alerts are a great option to get reviews and other feedback on a brand.

All a company has to do is tell Google to notify them about chosen keywords. Once it’s set up, there is nothing to maintain.

It’s not the fanciest way to track a brand, but it’s easy, fast, and free…three of a business person’s favorite words.

5. Go Old School

Sometimes, a direct approach is the best one.

A company that wants feedback can cut through the red-tape and ask their customers.

Comment sections and adult businesses make up most of the internet, so why not combine the two?

People love leaving feedback. Having surveys and a place for suggestions will give customers a feeling of ownership in the business. They will know that their opinions matter.

A business that makes their web page interactive and encourages feedback will stay ahead of any branding problems.

Sometimes, Companies Need A Little Help

Keeping track of a brand’s image can be time-consuming. Reputation management isn’t a part-time job.

Reviews are everywhere online. Unfortunately, it’s not just customers that write them. Businesses will write bad reviews about their competitors to hurt them.

Customers write bad reviews not understanding the damage they can cause. Should one bad experience with a customer reflect on a company forever?

It’s not fair for one negative review to have the same impact as ten positive ones.

With reputation management services, a company’s positive reviews increase. Give happy customers the power they deserve by signing up today!