6 Essential SEO Hacks for Your Hip Hop Jewelry Website

Hip Hop Jewelry Website

You own a hip hop jewelry website, but it lacks traffic and sales. What can you do to change things around? Well, for one, you can focus on improving your organic traffic.

In other words, your search engine optimization (SEO). Without a solid SEO strategy, you’re just another beggar in a sea of websites. So to bring visibility and authority to your site, you need to optimize for search engines and site visitors.

Let’s review some of the SEO hacks you can use today to improve traffic to your hip hop jewelry website.

1. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Hopefully, you know the importance of appeasing the mobile user market. Google and other search engines look to rank sites with mobile-friendliness.

And one way to do this is by using AMP. All you’re doing here is disabling and removing functions and plugins that slow down page load speeds for mobile users.

For instance, getting rid of JavaScript.

2. Create Evergreen Content

Staying on top of industry news is great for social media presence. But when it comes to your blog, you want content that lasts forever.

Publishing content that’s evergreen ensures it will continue drawing in traffic to your site. And if your content is highly-targeted, you can weed out the hot leads from the cold leads. So in other words, your content is doing the work for you.

One example of a site that’s doing this is Roisdor, which uses a blog and social media for promotion. You can learn more about it here.

3. Don’t Neglect the 2nd Largest Search Engine

Focusing on optimizing your site for Google is great. But don’t neglect the benefits of optimizing for YouTube as well. Millions of users sign into YouTube each day, so it’s nonsensical not to create content on this platform.

For instance, you can create videos displaying the products on your hip hop jewelry website. Testimonials are also a real winner for boosting traffic and conversions.

4. Get Active On Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram, and Google+ are all great platforms for jewelers. These are widely used and highly visual networks.

Jewelry is all about beauty, so you can focus on capturing shots of your pieces being worn. You can also post your video content here.

The key is to engage as much as you promote. After all, you don’t want to come off too salesy. As a rule of thumb, 10% of your content is promotional, 60% is curated content and 30% is content owned by you.

5. Remove and Replace Broken Links

If you have broken links on your website, it will negatively impact your Google ranking. You can use tools to find these broken links.

Then you can either replace them with links that work or remove them altogether. Also, having broken links is super annoying to visitors and will only turn them off.

6. Do Keyword Research

The keywords you optimize your website with is crucial to getting placement on search engine page results. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to conduct your research.

Search for keywords related to your industry that your audience actually uses. Then optimize all the pages on your website. This includes the titles, meta descriptions and ALT tags for all your images.

Optimize Your Hip Hop Jewelry Website

The tools you have is just as important as your expertise. As you continue to learn about SEO and how to improve your strategy, you’ll grow accustomed to using these tools.

One, in particular, is SiteReportCard. On this site, you can audit your website to see what to do about your on-site SEO.

Contact SiteReportCard today to learn more!