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The Web Development Trends That Are Dominating 2017

web development trends

It’s been a big year for web development and design. Growing dependence on digital and mobile technology has fueled a great number of innovations. The latest technology has led to better tools for designers and web developers around the world. We’ve rounded up the biggest web development trends of the year. Read on to learn what 2017 has offered so far, and what we may see in the future. The Web Development Trends You Should Know About It’s already shaping up to be an exciting year for web design. As the demand for web development continues to increase, the scope of what developers and designers can do is seemingly limitless. Here are the web development trends that are dominating 2017 so far. 360º Video and Virtual Reality Last year, the gadget world was buzzing about virtual reality. While the technology hasn’t yet made a huge impact on web development, the Read More

What is a Cloud Load Balancer and How You Can Benefit From It

Cloud load balancer

A cloud load balancer can benefit you big time. These advantages derive from the scalable and global character of the cloud itself. But while that all sounds good so far, it can be hard to understand what it even means to begin with. Let’s dive a little deeper into cloud load balancing. Keep reading to find out what exactly a cloud load balancer is, and how it can be beneficial to you. What Is A Cloud Load Balancer? A cloud load balancer works by distributing workloads and computing resources in a cloud computing environment. Load balancing allows enterprises to manage application or workload demands. It works by allocating resources among multiple computers, networks or servers. This means that cloud load balancing is the hosting of the distribution of workload traffic and demands that take place over the internet. How Can You Benefit From A Cloud Load Balancer? #1: Scalability Through simple-to-use self-management interfaces, cloud Read More