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vapor store

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Online Vapor Store

Did you know that e-cigarettes are 30% to 50% safer than combustibles? There’s no wonder why a lot of smokers are switching over to vaping! This also hints at the booming future for vapor shops. If you’re running an online vapor store but struggling to boost your sales, you may want to consider changing your […]

Appliance Repair Company

8 Marketing Tips for Your Appliance Repair Company

Is your marketing reaching the local residents who need your services? If you’re not harnessing the potential of local search, the answer is probably not. After all, ‘near me’ searches have increased dramatically since 2015 and mobile searching is now higher than ever. Still, promoting an appliance repair company might not feel like the easiest […]

Keyword Discovery

These Keyword Discovery Strategies Create Easy Wins

I keep hearing it from people who work in online marketing: keywords don’t matter anymore. This saddens me. Not because I’m in love with keywords or because I miss the old spammy early aughts. It saddens me because they are missing out on so much marketing potential. Of course, keywords aren’t top priority anymore. And, […]