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Category: Online Reputation Management

Manage Your Web Reputation By Avoiding Downtime

Online reputation

Imagine you have a brick-and-mortar store in a popular location, selling great products, making excellent money, but suddenly the front door gets jammed and people stop coming in. Uh-oh! You’d immediately call a professional or try to fix the problem on your own, wouldn’t you? After all, you’re losing money and regular customers are getting annoyed, thus making them go elsewhere for their needs, and possibly losing a mix of local and web reputation when they take to online reviews. This scenario is no different than what happens when your website goes down (even for a few minutes). People want instant access to information and to see their actions happening in real-time (such as clicking the checkout button); a site that hiccups or go completely offline is one that completely disrupts this flow. You can sure bet your web reputation is on the line. The Fine Line of Uptime and Read More