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How Social Media and Interactive Marketing Drives Website Traffic

interactive marketing

Each decade seems to bring with it new ways to connect with customers. Interactive marketing has never been so…interactive. Needless to say, taking an interactive approach to marketing is about more than superficially interacting with customers. Making marketing campaigns more interactive is ultimately about increasing sales by leveraging your online presence. In other words, it’s all about increasing traffic to your company’s website and reducing your bounce rate. But how exactly does interactive marketing drive site traffic for businesses? And Is it really necessary? If you stick around long enough, we’ll figure things out together. An Abundance of User Reviews Social media practically epitomizes interactive marketing. A business’s social media profile allows customers to directly interact with that business. Well, not exactly directly, but you get the point. One way in which customers communicate with companies is by way of “unofficial” reviews. Customers can shower companies with praise at any Read More