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Month: September 2017

Try These Simple Onsite SEO Hacks to Increase Traffic

seo hacks

You’re the owner of a small or new business. You know SEO is important but you need to know how you can do some of it yourself to save on costs. What you need are some quick SEO hacks to increase your brand’s visibility. The kind of tips anyone can do once they know how to go about it. Look no further. Today, we’re here to solve your SEO hacks problem with a plethora of great ways to get your on-page SEO ball rolling. 1. Your Website – The Foundation of All Seo Hacks Let’s talk about your website. While this post is about on page SEO hacks, there are many factors that can affect your off page SEO. Your site needs to be set up to support them. What do we mean? Local You’re probably familiar with the term “local SEO“, which goes hand in hand with review sites Read More

10 Traffic Booster Tips from Top Websites

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Do you wish your blog had more readers than just your mom and your spouse? We understand. It can be very challenging to figure out how to get people to notice your blog and stick around. Fortunately, some folks have already discovered the secret to success online. We can learn from those who went before us. Read on to discover the top 10 traffic booster secrets you can start using today! Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Having your website and blog posts properly optimized makes a big difference when it comes to web traffic. SEO allows Google to easily find your content, understand what it’s about, and place it in search results. The better you do with SEO, the better your search result ranking is likely to be. Some of the key factors in website SEO are: Keywords Headers Excellent, longer content High-quality links from other sites Building the authority Read More

Why Pharma Marketing Strategy Is Going Programmatic

pharma marketing strategy

If your business uses digital advertising, you have probably heard all the buzz about programmatic marketing. Pharma has been hesitant to fully embrace programmatic marketing due to patient privacy concerns. These concerns are lessening as improvements in security and transparency are evolving. The industry is taking a closer look at this pharma marketing strategy. We know that programmatic buying is and will continue to be the trend. Effective strategies and connection with the customer make a difference, especially when their healthcare is involved. Let’s take a closer look. Pharma Marketing Strategy As social media use increases and evolves, marketers must strategically locate their consumers. Healthcare marketers are no different. In fact, this is extremely important for healthcare marketers who have to target individuals with specific health conditions. That’s where a solid programmatic pharma marketing strategy is key. Targeting by audience as well as behavior increases a marketer’s chances of their message being seen by Read More

How to Remove Outdated Content from Your Site and Boost Traffic

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Most people don’t venture past the first page of Google and even when they land on a page they’re spending 15 seconds or less. The content must convey value within that short timeframe to keep them engaged. An immediate negative to this engagement is outdated information. People prefer recent information which is why Google responded by introducing the Hummingbird Update. Part of the update gave favor to timely pieces. This begs the question of what to do with the outdated content on your website. Remove Outdated Content: The Easy Way Ask yourself these questions: Is the topic one that changes often? Have I updated the piece recently? Are there better, popular alternatives? An “of all-time” post that’s littered with outdated screenshots, stats, strategies, and resources have little benefit. They do not hold up to this “best of” moniker. Nor does it matter if it’s SEO-friendly content. Someone will come along, make something Read More

5 Smart SEO Solutions for Your Electronic Cigarette Website

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In 2014, more than 9 million American adults regularly used electronic cigarettes. And it’s easy to see why this number continues to grow. One study has now proven that people who ditch cigarettes and choose electronic cigarettes greatly improve their health. Participants had much lower levels of cancer-causing toxins and chemicals than those who continued smoking. If you have an electronic cigarette website, you’re probably hoping to capitalize on this new popularity. Luckily, there are a number of SEO solutions that can help you improve your website. 1. Submit Your Sitemap If you haven’t yet submitted your sitemap to Google, now’s the time to do so. Many web hosting companies allow you to do this with one click. You can also use Google Analytics (you should set up an account for tracking your stats anyway). When you submit a sitemap, you’re pointing Google towards your site and asking the search engine to index Read More